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you cannot silence me!!

you cannot silence me!

And then....there were news headlines.
Jeb Bush daughter in drug bust
Town banishes Satan
3.5 ton satellite to fall from sky
WTC victim credits god with his escape.

Did I accidently click on the National Enquirer?

I could go into a long rant here about the man who thinks god saved her from dying in the World Trade Center, because wouldn't there be something inherently wrong with a god that would save one person but not about 3.000 others? And honestly, if god was going to take the time out of his busy schedule to perform personalized miracles honey, don't you think he would have just stopped the whole thing from happening? If he was that kind of god, ya know?

Ok, I'm done. I see some hot steaming java with my name on it


I've jumped in a little too late, and have completely missed the welcoming wagon. Gorgeous redesign, really like it. Dang those elves are good! ;)

hooray - thine links shall be updated!

if you were a woman and i were a amna, well, grrr

if there is a god I am it, Nuke'm all

wha, no links for those headlines? you mean i gotta look that crap up myself?

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