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the sign is now lit

the no smoking sign is now lit

I woke up in a decent mood, despite the series of nightmares I had last night, most involving dark, deep water, some involving Corey Feldman. I think when I wake up in a good mood, the last thing I should do is read or watch the news.

Do you know what our president is up to now? According to CNN, Bush is proposing to spend tens of millions of dollars in a campaign to urge single mothers on welfare to get married. (no story yet, just a blurb)

I'll stop a second while you pick your jaw up from the floor.

Does this man not have advisors or as they all as brain dead as he is? How can you validate spending the nation's money on this kind of program, especially when we are in the throes of a recession? (of course whether we are in a recession or not depends on who you listen to)

I'm am going to reserver further judgment until I get the entire story, but I will say that if Bush thinks marraige solves problems, or that making people get married is a good way to reduce the welfare rolls, or that money can keep a relationship together, or that a child will benefit from a marraige that comes from anything but love..if he thinks any of those things to be true, he is a fool.

Anyhow, I am quitting smoking today. Again. I've been through a series of starts and stops with this. Last May, I quit and it lasted until September. The pressure of the world at large got to me, and I succumbed to the nicotine towards the end of that month. I quit again in November when I got pneumonia (as if I had a choice) but went back as soon as I felt better.

Last night, I laid in bed thinking about the ways that smoking has effected me. I wake up coughing almost every night. I can't walk across the street without feeling winded. And at a pack a day, 4 dollars plus change a pack, it's a very expensive habit. I felt so good the last time I stopped. I felt clean and healthy. I can't think of any good reason in the world why I should be smoking, but I can think of a million reasons not to be smoking. I will have to find another way to relieve that stress, maybe punching out a co-worker or throwing my neighbor's wind chimes across the lawn will help.

So please, bare with me while I attempt to not smoke. I will be cranky and bitchy and perhaps a bit hostile. Sort of like I am now, but worse.


Bare with you? Do you think that the sight of a gaggle of lithe, naked bloggers will work as stress-relief?
And if so, what's the portable version?


naked bloggers drinking beers with bears?

I can never remember the proper form of that word. The one that brings to mind nakedness works best for me.


Good luck, Michele. I'm on day 12 and feeling (fairly) good. I have noticed that I can take a deep breath and it not hurt like hell. And the smell and taste of things have changed. And I can walk longer distances without wheezing.

I'm here for you. We can be bitchy together. :)

Good luck, girl! :) I'll put up Megan pics to ease the withdrawl symptoms. hehe.

A friend of mine tried to quit smoking once. But he became such a bitch that even his non-smoking friends each bought him a pack of cigarettes and encouraged him to start up again.

Although... he was also dieting at the time. Hmmm... maybe they should have force fed him instead.

Here's wishing you lots of strength and lots of luck. My dad told me he knew it was time to quit smoking when he woke up in the middle of the night coughing up black smurfs.

Good luck quitting again, Michele. Not that you possibly have the time, but a gym membership or regular exercise will really help you appreciate your clean lungs. Not that I know. But I like to pretend I don't smoke when I'm kicking ass at the gym. Ha.

Most people's nightmares have something to do with Corey Feldman.

Or Ricky Schroeder.
Damn, my age is showing.

I think if you get married your welfare benefits disappear or drop. Could be strictly financial, not a belief about the virtues of marriage. Meanwhile, they're making it harder for immigrants and us queers to marry. Sigh. Marriage should not be a weapon. Unless you're in it.

Hello, have fun with easy blogging!