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You know that story about the shoemaker and the elves? The shoemaker and his wife went to bed one night, worried about how all the shoes would get made, and when they woke up in the morning, all their work was done. Some elves had come during the night and took care of everything for them.

That's a bit how I feel this morning. I went to bed thinking about the 8 hours spent trying to get this blog to move to Moveable Type yesterday, and I ended up right back where I started from. I assumed today would be another day of frustration. But when sat down at the computer and went to look at the blog, there was a post saying I had moved. My own personal elf had come during the night and fixed everything up for me. So not only did Candi spend her entire day yesterday figuring out my server issues and moving my entire blog for me, she also managed to get up her own new, sexy redesign. I don't know how she does it, I'm just glad she does.

So I am going to spend a few minutes poking around MT here, pushing buttons and whatnot, and when I figure it all out, I'll get to the regular morning post.


Yeah, the elves got to my site too.
I do have to say I will miss the A fire inside /small victory giff. I spent hours upon hours staring at that while at work. Was it moving or was it just my vision. The puzzle will never be answered now. "weep"

Other than that. The new site looks pretty nice.

I keep leaving out those little jackets and pants, but the hallway still isn't painted.

Looks faboo! Candi kicks ass and takes names. Now I'm off to change bookmarks. :)

In the story of the elves, they were all naked little elves, and only when clothes wereleft out for them did they shriek "Wahey!" and bugger off and not do any more work. So, Nancy, sorry to say, you've been going about it completely wrong.

Yeah! Welcome to MovableType! Let me know if you ever need any help over here with MT or anything ... I'm here for you! (Candi keeps telling me not to volunteer so much, but no one ever asks me for help, so I figure I am safe. For now. Come on. Someone. Anyone? grin)

hey, nice new diggs. love what you've done with the place. is that a bean bag chair? I love it, love you. i brought papaya. where's the juice bar?

Juice bar is in the basement, right under the sign that says "Love Shack"

All right, we didn't get to fight over the bloggie so perhaps now we have the opportunity to fight over the elf?

Perhaps we could have co-custody. I'll even give you four days to my three.

Hello, have fun with easy blogging!