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random musings in between vomiting

random musings in between vomiting

I spent an hour writing a post about this and it was all sarcastic and snarky and I was very proud of it. Then my computer had a fit when I tried to listen to the new Nine Inch Nails cd and fritzed out on me. I don't have the mindflow to rewrite the whole thing, so let's just say it was funny yet meaningful and quoted Kermit the Frog and leave it at that.

Someone offered to buy me a Free Winona t shirt but I'll have to pass because a) I really don't like her and b) my time is better spent working on freeing ODB.

Someone came here looking for michele+justin+a small victory and I have an idea who it was, so please make yourself known, it's ok. I erased all the posts where I called you a whore and a bitch.

So am I reading this whole thing wrong, or should Patty Hearst just shut the fuck up and thank her maker that she's not rotting behind bars?

Rapper C-Murder was charged with murder. Go figure.

And lastly, I really thought That 80's Show would, at the very least, make me chuckle wryly and nod my head while I relived all those crazy moments from my early 20's. But there was no self-destructive speed-freak girl who hung out in seedy night clubs and dated ex cons. I just couldn't identify.

That is all I can muster for now. It's one of those blog for the sake of blogging moments.


FREE ODB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think it was an act of God. Ya know; the computer n' all....

Thanks for the link, Michelle! Don't tell anyone, but I think you rock, too! Okay, well actually you can tell people that if you want! Catch you later!

At the Reclaim the Rainbow homepage, it says "ON A MISSION FROM GOD!" Now I'll forever associate this movement with the Blues Brothers.

D'ya think they do the backflip thingy?

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