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who is wil wheaton and why does he have a weblog?

who is wil wheaton and why does he have a weblog?

I had been watching a rather nasty stomach virus make its way around town here. Schools, my office, my relatives...I thought I would get through it unscathed. Not so. It's here and it's vengeful. I'll be spending a good portion of my day in front of the computer and the rest...well you really don't want to know that, do you?

The 2nd Annual Bloggie Award nominees were announced today. I would like to congratulate some really wonderful, talented people who deservedly got bloggie nominations. I won't say anything about the people who got nominations that were totally uncalled for, but the evidence of a popularity contest is overwhelming when Fark gets nominated for best political weblog and photodude doesn't. I just hope the people who really deserve the awards come out winners. You can say "it's just a dumb award" as much as you want to, but there are some people who deserve to be recognized for their efforts, and I'm very happy for them.

I am now going to pray in the altar I constructed for the pepto bismol god.


We won't. It'll be Tom Coates and Wil Wheaton backslapping all the way from here to the A lister Executive Washroom.

As for praying to the porcelain God. No trip is complete without Buddhist chanting and the eternal promises of "Never again! Never again! I swear!" followed by your internal organs trying to turn themselves inside out and fill your nose with bile.

I thank you for your kind opinion, but I don't even know which cubbyhole my blog fits in. Political? Since Sept. 11 and during the interminable Election 2000, yeah, I guess it was.

This week I'm mad at Mike Tyson and Netscape. Go figure.

Also, there's that little monkey wrench of nominations. I don't think I've ever nominated myself for anything (although I somewhat kick myself for not nominating PixelPile for SXSW ... it might have given me the motivation to actually go), and it appears no one else has either.

And to top it off, if you win, don't people expect you to, like, keep being good?

Too much pressure, man....

Well, I nominated PixelPile for a Bloggie. And you wouldn't even have had to travel to accept it.

People really shouldn't hang around with me. I'm a bigger jinx than the Sports Illustrated person of the year cover.

Where were you in there?!

Tarnation, knew I should have stuffed more ballots.

Still, it was good to see some friends in the running - though that meant that sometimes I had to choose between friends, which sucked.

Michelle! Michelle should get a Bloggie! Wassup with that? Well I should gracefully bow out of the "Best New Weblog" category. Wil Wheaton? Mena? Bazima? Yeah . . .I don't stand a chance.

hen in the "Best Kept Secret"one I am up againt Melly and Space and Hoopty . . .man that is some competition (and they are all friends to boot!)

I still say Michelle's weblog is better than anyone's!I nominated her both for SXSW and the Bloggies. Like the Academy Awards, true excellence is rarely recognized. Decades from noww, students of online content will be studying A Fire Inside the way film students today study Fassbinder and Godard.

Right. Glad you said it. Who the fuck is Wil Wheaton? Aside from a site who everybody links to, I don't get it. Hell. He's even more boring than I am. Ohhhh. Now I understand. The Star Trek connection.....

Yeah, what they said! You deserve to be there MUCH MORE than I do. Word! (Thanks for the congrats though!) I'm hoping maybe people will take pity since Wil is nominated for freakin' everything, and vote for some of the little people in the categories he's in...but I doubt it... I have my "I'm flattered to just be nominated" speech on a Tootsie Roll pop wrapper in my pocket...facing the inevitable...

Thank you. I'm still really stunned. I keep looking at the page and wondering what my little blog is doing up there beside all those really good ones. And I agree that there were some unfortunate omissions; some of the ones I'm thinking of aren't super-popular, but they're great reads.

And I'll be voting for the underdogs, 'cause I'm funny like that. :)

P.S. Stop being sick. :(

WIL WHEATON, Chad Allen, all has been 80's stars, It's tragic, actually.

I hope you feel better soon, Michele. Remember what the wise men say: "This too shall pass." ducks flying shoe. Anyway, I nominated you and I was disappointed to not see you up there. I know you'll keep up the good work anyway. Thanks for weblogging.

Hello, have fun with easy blogging!