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game of the day

meat product game of the day

Anyone remember band sausages? Back when this blog was on Freeservers, I used to have all sorts of games and contests. One was band sausages, which is where you take two or more bands and combine their names together to make a whole new band. Example: The Beastie Boyz II Men, The Crystal Methods Of Mayhem, Grateful Dead or Alive. Get it? There's no real hardcore rules. Be creative. Squeeze as many bands as you can in, like this person did the last time I played this game: Shakespear's Sisters of Mercyful Fate's Warning . If you played the last time, feel free to repeat your answers, as I did not archive that page.

*I originally got the idea from this site but I can't seem to find the original page this was on. Just wanted to give credit for the name of the game.

Ok, pack some band sausage!


- Stone Temple of the Dog's Eye View

- George Michael Jackson Browne

- Ice MC Hammer

- Jimmy Eat World Party

- Joe Public Enemy

- Modern English Beat

- School of Reel Big Fish

- Sugar Ray Charles Trenet

- The Soul System of a Down

- The Suicide Machines of Loving Grace Slick

- Timex Social Club Nouveau

- Tony Toni Tone Loc

- USA For Africa Bambatta

- Will to Power Station

Baha Men at Work

ok... that's all i can come up with right now!

The game can also be played with movie titles and a brief synopsis, like so and so. God I love being able to recycle old content.

Tony Toni Tone Loc is inspired.

Rolling Stone Roses

Psychidelic Furslide

Primus Scream

BB King Crimson

Vanilla Ice T

Faith No Morphine

and the perfect bandsausage...

Pink Floyd

(e-mail me if you don't get it...)

Little Bow Wow Wow

Seven Mary Three Dog Nightranger

Mother Love Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Sniff 'n the Tears for Fears

Flash and the Pantera

Puddle of Mudhoney

Rage against the Machinehead

Kid Dynamite Boy

yes! score one for the obscure bands.

okay okay, one more -

a fire inside out of order

Backstreet Bad Seeds

The Jesus and Mary Nut Zippers

Nine Inch Flaming Lips

Rage Against the Smashing Pumpkins

New Order Offspring

Massive Barenaked Ladies Attack

Guided by Garbage

Just one step away from the game I used to play of making up really bad band names (and giving the imaginary bands genres).

do ya get more points for combining 3 or more artists? from totally different musical genres? then i give you:

Rick James Taylor Dayne

OH my god, "will to power station" is still cracking me up...

De la Soul Asylum

Cheap Tricky

Electric Light Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark

Fatboy Slim Pickins

General Public Enemy

(alternate: General Public Image Limited)

English Beat Farmers

Kate Bush (get it?)

Too Much Joy Division

Scruffy the Cat Stevens

Pointer Sisters of Mercy

The The Church

Richard Thompson Twins

Neil Young Fresh Fellows

Peter Murphy's Law

Done now... :D

Oh, let's not forget:

Moby Grapes of Wrath

(there's three in there!)

I'm not quite as good as these guys but I just had to play. So here are mine :

- Lovin' Spoonful of Sugar Ray

- The Rolling Stone Temple Pilots

- Third Eye Blind Melon

And because I can't resist :

- Barenaked Ladies Cream


There's the all indie-rock stack, the Silver Apples in Stereolabradford.

Counting Sheryl Crows

Craig David Macy Gray

Ludacris Issak

LL Cool Jay-ZZ Top


Notorious B.I.G. Love and Special Sauce

Indigo Girls Against Boys

Peter, Paul and Mary J. Blige

ben folds five for fighting

right said fred durst

the black counting crow(e)s

tony tony toni braxton

twisted sister hazel

godsmack you black emperor!

Pet Shop Boyz to Men Without Hats

Traci Lords of Acid Bath

XTC +C Music Factory 8 one & Twenty

Here's a really (really) terrible one:

(The) King, Queen (and) Prince (of the) Big Country

L.L.Kool and the Gang of Four Seasons

Talk Talking Heads

Huey Lewis and the New Edition

Nashville Pussy Galore

And an amendmnt to Keith's previously stated:

Modern English Beat Happening

Sorry. Last one.

Neil Young MC Hammer

(Yeah, I could do this maybe if I weren't such an utter classical music nerd of the worst kind.)

Peter, Paul and Mary J. Blige

Shite. Jacqueline did it so it aint even original.


monster x-ray specs

remains of the dayglo abortions

extinction of mankind?

born dead icons of filth

omega tribe called quest

senseless apocalypse hoboken

fuck... i'm dead kennedys

I Against I Farm

Aeon Flux of Pink Indians

Bikini Kill the Man Who Questions

A Perfect Circle Jerks


man is the bastard noise

frank black eyed peas

boy sets firehouse

dust brother(s) inferior


crucial youth gone mad

Chaos UK Subs

Econochrist On A Crutch

DC Talking Heads

Bloodhound Gang of Four

and my favorite

green dayglo abortions

Thanks for playing, you guys are very very creative. Props to all the people who dredged up the 80s bands and obsucre punk/indie bands.

Help, I can't stooopppp....

Agnostic Front 242

Simply Red Lorry Yellow Lorry


Semisonic Youth

Notorious Big Audio Dynamite

Pseudo Echo & the Bunnymen

L.A. Guns & Roses

And, at last...

Grateful Dead Milkmen (alternate: Greatful Dead Kennedys alternate alternate: Greatful Dead Can Dance)

Napalm Death Cab for Cutie

Love and Rockets From the Crypt

Third Eye Blind Faith No More

Lionel Ritchie Valens

and finally,

Johann Sebastian Bachman Turner OverDrive Like Jehu

Everyone who was able to incorporate Faith No More gets a million dollars.

It's in the mail.

Sorry. I swear it's the last one. Thought of it at work. It's got 4.

Blind Meloncamper van Beethoven.

Run DMC and C Music Factory Amos
Great White Stripes
Barry White Zombie
Mister Mister Big Audio Dynamitey Mighty Bosstones
Easy E Street Band of Gypsiesy E Street Band of Gypsies....
Chicago Go's
Van Morissonny and Cher Supply
U 2pac
Van Halenny Kravitz
Bready Money
The The Whootie and the Blowfish Bone

and last but not least:
George Gershwind and Fire

Hello, have fun with easy blogging!