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straight up

straight up

I had a dream I was fly fishing with Paula Zahn, and when the sun set, she turned into Paula Abdul.

Today we honor Martin Luther King, Jr. We take these holidays seriously in my house. My children are both history buffs (which explains the whole Ethan Allen thing), so when a presidential or famous person holiday comes along, we talk about that person. Last year on this day, Natalie recited the "I Have a Dream" speech for us. And then we talked about what it means, and what each of us can do to help that dream along. Which, whenever this is discussed, leads me to tell this story:

This was many years ago, right about this time of year. Natalie must have been in kindergarten. She was doing something to annoy me. It must have been very annoying because I remember chasing her through the house, yelling at her. Finally, she ran into her room and hid under her bed. I was still yelling. She peeks her head out and screams:

"How are you going to keep Martin Luther King's dream alive if you keep yelling at me like that??"

Yes, my children learned at an early age how to combine their home life with what they learn in school in one big, manipulative package. But I suppose she did get the point of the lesson, so it's all good.

-the golden globes of blogs-

I would like to welcome the visitors who have come here today from Francis Strand's My Way Blog Awards. I wasn't going to say anything, so as not to seem self-serving that this blog was mentioned, but I've been enjoying Francis's blog for a while now and I think you would too. The big winner was, deservingly, East/West , and Nancy received a fluffer certificate of merit.

Congrats to the winners, and thanks to Francis for putting the awards on and giving me oh so many new blogs to read. It's a wonder I ever get anything accomplished. Hmm. Have I gotten anything accomplished?


Man, my parents sucked. The amount of cool that you are could fill up a swimming pool in relation to their thimble. I wish my folks had done something like this, anything like this, to care that their kid was alive and on this earth. admiration

I caught this link from god-knows-where and found the anecdote about your precious child and keeping mlk, jr's dream alive absolutely hilarious.

you're doing something right if your child said that. :)

Thanks, James..and thanks for the link on your site.

Todd, you already know I love you.

Hello, have fun with easy blogging!