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the agony of defeat, the moral dilemma of playstation

the agony of defeat, the moral dilemma of playstation

Bah. Damn.

I had a feeling they would lose. But not this big. I'm consoled, however, by the fact that I bought DJ his Playstation 2 today. Now for the moral dilemma...His birthday is not until the 30th. How rude would it be of me to open it up and play with it when he's sleeping and then put it back in the box and wrap it next week?


it's not rude if you don't get caught... (;

I hate to say it but, I think Farve should get most valuable player from the rams team.

He threw six Interceptions, for 3 ram's touchdowns. Curt, only threw for 2 touchdowns. Just not Favre's night.

Moral delema? It is your parental duty to ensure that the present you purchased for him is functional. It would break his heart to open his new playstation 2 only to find out it was broke! Also you need to ensure that the device is safe for his use and how better to do that than to check out the system functionality!

BTW I am a Rams Fan! (where do you think edgarthebent got his Farve Stats from! It was kewl he threw more ram touchdown passes than Warner!

I almost liked you with that first post, Andy. You should have quit while you were ahead.

who is the parent in this relationship, you or your son? that's right, you are. so you do whatever you want. you make the rules, you draw the designs, you lay the bricks. i don't know what any of that really means, but dammit, play the thing anyway.

re: Packers game,

AUGH. We are in mourning here.

I had no moral dilemma back in the day when my parents had gotten an Atari 5200 for my Christmas present, even after I had opened it, played it, and put it back in the box while they were sleeping.

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