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fumbling towards the superbowl

fumbling towards the superbowl

Maybe putting this image here last week was a good luck charm. Who am I to mess with luck? As hopelessly devoted to the Pack that I am, I realize that The Rams are a formidable opponent and today's game may not have the happy ending that last week's did. Either way, I'm proud of The Pack and I have once again spent a season watching Bret Favre have the most fun anyone has ever had playing football. How can you not love this guy?

I dozed off towards the end of the Pats/Raiders game last night. It was a fun game, played in the snow the way football should be played. But when I woke up several minutes after the game ended, I did a what the fuck happened?? double take. From all accounts, Brady fumbled. Dodd is none too happy about the turn of events, and who can blame him? This non-call will rank right up there with the Jeffrey Maier fiasco, or the Jerry Rice fumble that wasn't. I would rather the Raiders won, given my disdain for the Pats, but that's sports. You are always at the whim of officiating, even with instant replay.

Getting my cheeshead out. Got my jersey ready. Got a nice bottle of wine, and we will see whether it will be used to celebrate or to drown my sorrows in.


Man, the Patriots really lucked out on that one. I still can't believe they won. But they'll be knocked out in the next game, so I guess it doesn't matter.

I wouldn't miss the Packers vs. Rams game for anything, although I'm still not sure who I'll be rooting for yet. Technically, Packers are #3 on my list, and Rams #2, but I think I love both of them equally. Wheeeee!

I found myself really feeling it for the Packers today. I ended up getting sucked in, despite my disillusionment, but it didn't go well for them. That's a shame - they had one hell of a season and I had a lot of fun watching them this year.

I guess now it's, "Oh, well, there's always next year" for the both of us - and for Patriots fans after next week. Now that will be a fun game to watch!

'From all accounts, Brady fumbled.'

You need to read more.

There were other accounts.

The NFL says that the current rule was enforced correctly. The rule might be stupid, but according to the rules, it was not a fumble.

Go Pats!!

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