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News at 11...or not

News at 11...or not

Big storm on the way. I'm mostly excited, I like the first snow of the year. But I would much rather have it during the week so I can get a day off from work.

So I went to the grocery store this morning - not in anticipation of the weather, I'm not one of those "prepare for the end of the world when a storm is coming" people - but because I had the urge to make steak tonight. I get to the store and there's a local reporter out there, questioning everyone about the snow, because you know how those news people love a good storm story. He was asking shoppers what they were buying, what were they stocking up on (come on people, it's 6 inches, not 3 feet!) and asking how they were getting ready for the weather. I see him approaching me as I walk towards the entrance. I'm not in a very good mood. Traffic was bad, I'm tired and cranky. I do not want to be on the news talking about buying toilet paper and water. So he stands in front of me, cameraman in tow, and throws the microphone in front of my face.

"So," he says, "What are you buying today m'am?"

I say nothing but this does not deter him.

"Are you stocking up on necessities for the first storm of the year?"

I look straight into the camera and grin.

"I'm buying Tampons," I say.

His jaw drops, the cameraman giggles and I brush past him and head into the store. Let's assume I will not be on the news tonight.


Really depends which station...FOX will show anything.

yes. let's hope you will. that was brilliant.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA.......I have to ask, was that News 12 by any chance?


you rock my world :)

Roe, it wasn't News 12. If it were them, I would have said "tampons, condoms and lubricant." I think it was some public access news.

have i told you lately how much you rock? ferris bueller, you're my hero ;)


Oh, but it would be so classic if you WERE on the news tonight! :) By the way, I'll e-mail you tomorrow so we can hook you up with that PDA-friendly page! I just have to wait for my host to be back online and remember how to do it with Greymatter.

Can we swap places please? I'd love to have snow at my home right now!

This heat is making me irritable


Oh that is too funny!!!!

You need tampons to make a steak?

How else would I know when the steak is done?

well done.

the comment, not the steak.

how was the steak, after all?

It was wonderful. Mushrooms, onions, capers and a warm blue-cheese brown sauce on the side.

Not a tampon in site.

they really should keep the witty stuff in on these "man (or woman) on the street" news features. it would be a crying shame for them not to use it.

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