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and then he morphed into dick cheney....

and then he morphed into dick cheney....

Well, that was fun. Oh, wait..did I say fun? I meant to say tedious.

So, the president of the Builder's club is a 13 year old boy with a penchant for big words and little suits. He was this short, skinny kid, the kind of kid who will look in his middle school yearbook years from now and die of delayed embarassment. Kind of like me. He was wearing a navy blue 3 piece suit. His hair was greased back. And he made his speech and pronouncements like the 40 year old accountant that he will be some day. So he is making his speech about how wonderful the Builders club is (it is) and how they really went all out in giving to the community this year (they did) and how every student in the club is better for having spent a good portion of their year doing for others (they are). But then he got to the part about the war. I have no idea how the war came into it, but this 13 year old half man/half adult went into a ten minute rant, raging against the pro-war faction and declaring every person in Afghanistan is nothing more than a victim and they really just want to be American allies and we need to support the people of that country like we would each other and come together in this time of need and wave our flags and be vigilant and.....it was at about that point that he turned into Donald Rumsfeld and I pretended to be really interested in my salad to keep myself from running at him with my plastic knife.

Anyhow, despite the presence of our Secretary of Defense in a little boy's soul, it was very nice to see my daughter get up there and receive her little Kiwanis pin. It's a great character building experience for her, and lord knows with a mother like me, she's going to have to get her character from somewhere besides home.


are kiwanis like scientoligists - we don't have them down here...kiwis are new zealanders, so maybe kiwanis are nz mormons....

more coffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I think it is cool that a 13yo boy has the guts to go out on a limb like that to express his opinions.

Yes, it is cool. But it was wholly inappropriate at that time and place.

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