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running at the mouth

running at the mouth

Floating in this cosmic jacuzzi

we are like frogs, oblivious to the water starting to boil

No one flinches, we all flow face down...

When she woke in the morning

She knew that her life had passed her by

And she called out a warning

Don't ever let life pass you by

my day in a nutshell: (a rather large nutshell)

The people I work for are public elected officials in a position of honor and dignity. Yet they act like grade school kids and expect me to play the part of play ground monitor. I am not paid enough to mediate catfights between grown men who spend the working portion of their day making life and death decisions on the fate of our citizens and when the robes are off and the doors are closed, resort to name calling and back stabbing. I can go home and get that same shit with my kids, you know?

But it's all good. When I got home there was a package in the mailbox from one of my favorite people in the world. Chris was kind enough to send a cd of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds live at Royal Albert Hall. This is in preparation for May, when Justin and I will be joining Chris in NYC to go see Nick live. The same week that the Spiderman movie comes out. Kick ass. Thank you, Chris. You rock a whole hell of a lot.

So, the rest of my day was pretty uneventful, except for that moment at work when I found a memo that listed the menu for some union sponsored event. The main course is Herb Rubbed the Chicken Breasts. I don't think the "the" was supposed to be in there. Either that, or Herb is a real pervert.

And just how sad of a pathetic geek am I? So sad that this all makes perfect sense to me.

So I had a great day and I owe most of it to a) Candi, the Queen of Self Esteem, for her suggestions at improving my sense of self worth; Bill and Miss B for emails; and my mother, who sent me some really dirty jokes in the mail, and I had a good laugh thinking about these senior citizen librarians sitting around at work making jokes about dick size and anal sex.

And whoever came here looking for "blow jobs+asmallvictory.net," I don't take credit cards, ok? Cash only


Will you accept a postdated 3rd-party check? ; )

no charge for you ian. I mean, you're a rock star.

What about me? I'm a sock star and have lots of balloons that need blowing up.

Bill, you know I'd do anything for you.


Blank cheque, blank cheque!

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