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is this what they mean by communion?

is this what they mean by communion?

So Natalie comes home from school today singing this song. The song is wrong in and of itself. The main lyric is "if momma meets jesus tonight." It's way too sappy, way too depressing and just...wrong. if momma meets jesus tonight.

Now, you know how people sometimes mishear lyrics? And they sing the wrong lyrics so openly, so righteously, because they think that's the way the lyrics go, no matter how bizarre it makes the song. So we were sitting in a restaurant tonight, eating dinner, having a pleasant family meal, when DJ starts singing at the top of his lungs: what if momma eats jesus tonight....

I didn't stop him.

what if momma eats jesus tonight

Yes, I know. I'm going to hell.


I like those lyrics better too. :)

Wasn't there a movie about Eating Jesus? Oh wait... that was Eating Raoul. Nevermind.

hee hee hee heee : snerk snerk snort snort : hee hee hee heeeeee.......

Taste like Ritz and Whine? Don't a few devisions of christianity (cathalocism) eat from the body and drink from the blood on a regular basis?

when i was a kid, i used to begin the "our father" by saying "our father, who aren't in heaven..." because i didn't know that "art" was a different way of saying "are"

Oh yeah...that's what I'm talkin' 'bout! Best. Mom. Ever.

P.S. See you in Hell.

I juct noticed the title of your page was 'let's get this marmaduke naked.' I thought it was always 'let's get this marmaduke nuked.' cuz it rhymes

oh, well, if you are going to hell, and i am going to hell and a lot of people we know are going to hell, it might just get nice over there...

You're going to hell? So'm I!! Let's do lunch. :)

I'm getting several conflicting visuals on this...what if mommy eats jesus...does that mean oral sex is just another kind of Communion? Hot Damn!

I'm getting several conflicting visuals on this...what if mommy eats jesus...does that mean oral sex is just another kind of Communion? Hot Damn! You're going to heaven, Michele, and I'll see you there!!

...What do you mean, those aren't the right words?

Was that you singing along in the restaurant last night, Jason?

I remember that sappy story going around before. I got it in my e-mail once, along with the other version about the little boy that wants to buy his sister a doll that Momma can take to heaven and give to her.

It bugs me when "artists" turn those into songs.

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