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coming down the mountain

coming down the mountain

When I was younger my father always used to say to me that I make mountains out of molehills. And he was right. But sometimes those mountains are just that...mountains. And sometimes you are climbing up that mountain and you think when you get to the top you will be alone and lost and scared. And then the person you left standing at the bottom is suddenly there beside you, taking your hand and guiding you back down. And everything after that is molehills.


Good luck to you - you seem like the most intelligent, reasonable person. I'm sure you will overcome this, whatever it is, but please ask for help if you need it.


I'm rooting for you. What on this earth would I do without my daily dose of Michele. You inspire me!


I think at some point in our lives that we all do this, 'making of mountains out of molehills'. Life throws us a curve ball and we are not quite sure how do deal, the road gets steep and we think we will never make it to the top. Am happy to here your on top of the molehill, with somewhere there to guide you down :)

this may be lame to some but i was always told that family (and your very closest of friends) will always be there for you no matter what. i still believe that and always will. hang in there michele... we're all here if you need us.

I hope you all know how much your comments and emails have meant to me. Frank is right, not lame, about friends and family. I've never met any of you yet you have all helped me through some really tough times. My new motto: you are never alone with a weblog!

If I could give all of you a hug or buy you a beer, I would. I know I seem melodramatic sometimes, but I am just a very emotional person. So when I get all mushy and gushy about what all of you mean to me, I'm not just saying it. It's from my heart. This weblog, and the people I have met through it, has been my lifeline for almost a year now. I would certainly have had a nervouse breakdown by now if not for this outlet, and the people who visit me and talk to me every day through this page. Thank you.

michele, you rock. you really do.

Every dark cloud... Glad everything's ok. Keep your chin up.


Thank you for all that you are. I will miss your blog for every day it is not there...but do what you must for yourself...and if it never returns, know that the time you spent here with us was well spent. Know that you have touched many lives with your words. Even though we have corresponded only minimaly...Know that I learned much from you. When times are tough, and you feel alone...please count me amongst the countless people out her who care for you and what happens to you. Know that you are never alone.

Damn girl...you are just a rock in this little community. Don't you see that? Everywhere I go, someone is linking to your site, which I take to mean that at least some of them like your blog. grin I come here because I like who you are, period. Keep it up, if it makes you happy. That's all that's really important. But from me, especially, thanks. :)

Here's hoping there are more molehills than mountains ahead.


Take care.

coulda sworn the next line was and I'm kissing dirt...

god to know yr ok

i mean good...

Glad to hear things are sounding a bit better. Dubbyah bashing just isn't the same without you... Hang in there!

is the jello wrestling still on?

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