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into the void

into the void


Yea, that (down there) was overly dramatic. Sorry. Just give a few days, maybe a week, to clear my head and sort things out. There's big decisions to be made, life changing decisions. And I wish I could just do some silly poll or question of the day and have you all figure it out for me or make a choice for me, but it's not that kind of thing. If only life were decided by web polls. If only I was a decisive kind of person.

I'm going to be gone for a while. There are things going on here that I'd rather not write about, not yet anyhow. And at this point, I'd rather not write at all. There are some things that just cannot be put into words. Pieces of me are scattered everywhere, and when I get them back together, I will write again. It may be days. It may be weeks. It may be tomorrow. It may be never.


We all need our time off, I take them quite frequently and for weeks at a time. Best of luck to you Michele.

hope you're okay.

It is always good to regroup and clear your head. :)

I hope everything's okay. Hang in there, take care!

i hope you are fine, and i also hope you weren't serious when you said 'it may be never', because, this may sound selfish, but i really like your comments.

Take care and godspeed

i wanted to say the same as Vic...

I hope everything goes ok


Hope things are okay Michele, and that you'll soon be able to post something about W. falling off the sofa while eating a pretzel.

Hope you're ok, hope you'll be back soon. Take good care.

you go to the tower, you gotta call me first...

Hope all's OK. Take care. Hope you'll be back on track soon.

Regrouping is good. Regrouping is much better than "I'm outta here forever, 'bye!"

I'm sorry that there's mega-life changing decisions to be made -- I hope at least some of them are of the "picking and choosing between good things" variety.

Looking forward to your return...

Don't let go of that "fire inside," Michele!

I had to clear my head once. So I drowned myself in alcohol and aspirins and ended up behind some dump in Alaska. But that's a whole different story altogether.

Be well.

And know that lots of people are rooting for you in whatever you must face.

I love you michele, forever

Thumb-wrestle you for her.

Take care of yourself. You're the only one who can decide what's right for you.

Thumb-wrestle you for her in JELLO.


Thumb-wrestle you in jello for the joy of thumb-wrestling with you in jello, Bill.

Bring the catsuit.

Life-changing decisions are the best kind - trust me.

what they said ^

Take care Michele and know you'll be missed. My thoughts are with you. Hugs

i just had to add to the stack, just to let you know i'm here for you if you need me. ~xoxo

hot virgo chicks aren't all that good at making decisions.

Wow. My heart fell into my stomache when I read your post the first time through. My best to you, and I shall look forward (daily) to your return. And if you figure anything out about how to make the big decisions, I for one would like to hear about it.

Take all the time you need. We will still be here.

thinking of you, girl. we're going to be on LI soon if you want to get out for some fresh air, get some coffee -- just let me know. just let me know if you need anything. [hug]

D.: Thumb-wrestle you in Jello for 50% of the gross net and cable revenue.

And you've got to wear a leather loincloth.

Bill, thumb-wrestle in jello with you, you get 50% of the cable returns but I demand the book deal and real life soapumentary rights after the fact. You just know this is gonna get spun into a fly-on-the-wall format show, a la Survivor: Jello Wars.

I think I deserve just a bit of the returns, no? Licensing deals...action figures...I want a cut or we are going to court.

D. I get approval on the book text and photos, and I'm keeping the negatives.

Jello wars... mmm, sounds like a profitable hobby.

And Michele, you definitely get to market the action figures.

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