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Just call me b5dksufioxelc

Just call me b5dksufioxelc

B5 d t+ k s+ u- f++ i o+ x- e- l c+

No idea what it means except that I haven't slept with any other bloggers and my blog is in the closet. But it looks kinda cool. no?


I rated

B2 d+ t+ k+ s u- f i o++ x+ e l c

Isn't that the chemical formula for exploding foot powder?

Surveys are dumb.

Oh, and I'm B5 d+ t++ k s u- f+ i o++ x- e+ l- c--, apparently.

This B5 d t++ k-- s+ u- f i o++ x-- e l- c- is way too cool to do some lame survey.

This B2 d t+ k s u-- f i- o x- e- l+ c likes surveys... and is gonna also participate in the new meme: National Hugz Day!!!

pounces and (((Hugz)))

huh? kEwLiES!!!!

this is me

B2 d++ t k+ s++ u f++ i o x e l+ c

But i can't discern if this is a GOOD thing :)

Those are the answers to your questions. :)

B9 d++ t+ k+ s-- u f+ i-- o+ x- e++ l c--

But now I have to go back and remind myself what it all means...

Todd and I were very proud to lose purity points over the sleeping with another blogger section. ;-)

Oh, come ON! It doesn't count if you're married to each other! Cheaters!!