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analyze this. I dare you.

analyze this. I dare you.

Good morning, Republicans. Welcome to your Whitewater.

I was dreaming about bloggers last night. Sad, I know. We were all climbing this huge pyramid. It had grips in the side, and we would hang onto the grips and pull ourselves up, little by little. There must have been about a hundred bloggers there, all trying to get to the top. At one point I came very close to reaching the summit of the pyramid, and I kept crying that my coffee was up there, I had to get to it. But as I got very close to the top, I voluntarily let go of the grips I was holding and slid my way down the pyramid. Along the way, I scraped my arm on some of the grips and kicked someone in the head. When I landed at the bottom, there was a circle of mud all around the pyramid. I landed heavily in the mud yet, when I got up to check for broken bones, I was perfectly clean. I stood back and watched the rest of the bloggers struggling to climb up the pyramid. Sometimes one would let go like I did and slide down, walk through the mud and come stand with me to watch the rest. We did this for what seemed like a very long time, until it got very dark out. Huge, heavy clouds rolled in and hung over us. There was lightning and thunder and the person who was standing next to me asked if I wanted an umbrella. I told him I would rather enjoy the rain. I turned towards the pyramid again and when the lightning next struck and lit up the pyramid, I could see some kind of bugs swarming all over it. They were writhing and slithering and buzzing and crawling all over whoever was left on the pyramid. The bugs formed a blanket over the pyramid, and I could see the bumps where there was a person caught underneath their swarm. Finally, it started raining, a cold, white rain, and the bugs washed away into the mud. The people who had been underneat the bugs were frozen in time. They were all caught in freeze frames of climbing motions, and some had come to rest with their hands over their eyes or ears. One was hanging by one hand from a grip, a look of terror on his face. As the icy rain hit them, they turned into ice sculptures. Several people that were standing near me watching this decided that they would go and climb the pyramid again, this time using their frozen friends as stepping stones to get to the top. I tried to stop them, raving and screaming about the moral implications of such a thing.

And once again, I was awoken by the sound of cats having sex outside my window.


Alright, way to many "The Mummy", and "Tomb Raider" movies for you.

I dreamed that somebody started putting interactive gambling channels on tv. That too was morally objectionable.

The quest for perfection. The fact that you themed it with bloggers is scary though, as perfection won't be obtained through blogging. Ever. For anyone but the saddest of individuals.

The fact that you view coffee as the pinnacle of perfection... says a lot.

The bug metaphor makes it sound like you have a lot of hostility towards people who strive to be "the best of the best of the best" with their blog. A plague on them perhaps? By the way, you should have taken me up on that offer of an umbrella, your top is soaked through.

Ask Melly, she does dream interpretations better than I do.

This is not an analysis, just a comment.

After reading your countless recollections of dreams, I have often been envious of your ability to remember them in such great detail and length. I very seldom remember anything about my dreams. When I do recall them, it's only in bits and pieces.

After this one, though, I have to say I'm not envious that much anymore. The bugs. That's what did it. If I had a dream and remembered such a thing, I'd wake up screaming at the top of my lungs. ( Eeeeeew )

I did get a good chuckle about the cats having sex outside your window, though.

A couple brief thoughts. Pyramids represent the concrete side of your life (now that everyone knows they are made of concrete). This is not a mystical dream, it is an immediate, real dream. Besides being about blogging, quite literally scaling the pyramid of blogging fame (My question: was there a big "A" at the top of the pyramid? And did the bugs have little "Z"-shaped markings on their backs?) and your realization that there are more important things than that, and decision not to strive in that direction if it goes against whatever you believe in, it is also about life and struggle in general, and politics specifically. The frozen people, you see, are Republicans, frozen by their Whitewater. Why else would you start the post out with that remark, which otherwise has nothing to do with the dream? The freezing white cleansing rain? And since you are such an ethical and moral person, you (although you appear to rejoice) decline to profit or take advantage from that scandal. Man I wish I could dream like you do. Still working on that dream with what's-his-face for you, BTW.

Yep yep, no more watching "The Mummy", you hear? :) That was the first thing I thought of. I also thought of something different though. A blog is a moment frozen in time. And in a way, the rest of us try to move up, linking to that moment or posting about the latest "meme" that we saw on another blog. Make sense? Probably not, but that's what I thought of...

Ahahaha, I get it. "Pyra"mid. Ahahaha. Someone shoot me in the face.

Emily. Go to your room.