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and then the rest of the day....

and then the rest of the day....

You'll be happy to know I'm done being introspective. For now.

Next time anyone hears me say that I am volunteering for a project at one of my kids' schools, kick me, ok? Kick me hard.

I told you a few months ago that this Parents as Reading Partners thing would suck the life force out of me. And it has. I'm really enjoying putting it together. It would just be nice if I was doing with say, a committe. Of more than one person. That person being me. So I'm putting together a four week program that involves the whole community and every single kid in the school. There's a breakfast for community leaders and people being invited into the school to read and there's supposed to be something special going on like every other day. I'm trying, I really am. The PTA president gave me a really nice pep talk the other night and I was feeling really good about my progress and then I spoke to someone today who relayed the message to me that the school administration thinks that there should be an author signing to go along with the program. Yea, ok. A month before the program I'm going to find a children's author who is going to drop whatever they are doing to come to the school to read to 500 kids for half an hour? Don't think so. Unless.....any of you guys know any famous authors? Are you a famous author? Can you impersonate one? I'd pay you...

Anyhow, given my total lack of sleep the past few days and the fact that I am being buried under a pile of "do this yesterday" at work, I have a date with a bottle of wine tonight. If sleep won't come to me, then I'll opt for the alcohol coma.


I'm an author, and I'll appear for free and I'll sign books - all they gotta do is pay airfare and food and cd costs...no problems!

Somehow I think your queer poetry and post modernist stories are not what they had in mind.

You might want to try Sharyn -- http://www.sharyn.org/ -- she's in NYC, maybe she could hook you up.

get em started early is what i say...

hey kids - have you heard the tale about the idiot who stole the white house and wouldn't give it back?

Cool children's authors to try for, if you're going to: Peter Sis is a rad children's author who you should solicit! And maybe also Jan Pienkowski (who for all I know lives in Europe) who's a great pop-up designer..

I love Peter Sis. One of the first books I bought of his was "Rain" and I still take it out every rainy day and look at the pictures with my kids.

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