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is it time to go home yet?

is it time to go home yet?

I'm sitting in my boss's office. He's gone for the day and I am taking photos out his window of the wind blown snow. It's not a good snow; it's not even sticking to the ground. But it's white and pretty while it's in the air so instead of working, I'm staring through my camera lens, seeing the snowflakes as fancy little pieces of art.

It's a funny thing about having photography as a hobby. You tend to see the world and everything in it a bit differently. Everything is a potential picture. Nothing is just an object. You notice colors and shades of colors and light and symetry and tiny little objects that may have gone unseen to your eye before you had a camera. The way the water glass sits precariously on the edge of the desk, the light glinting off the corner of the picture frame, an abandoned umbrella laying in the street. My eyes have changed. My line of vision has changed. I can look at the same tree one hundred times and see a different photograph each time. The pictures may not always come out like I see them in my camera-focused eye, but at least the experience of taking the picture makes me see things in the world around me in a whole new light.

Today's sleep deprivation moment: Typing a decision that read Order to Show Cows instead of Order to Show Cause. If that's funny to no one else but me, so be it. I'm still cracking up at the idea of it.



Reminds me of my brother's wedding, in which we were all pretty sure we heard the justice of the peace saying, "And all livestock to be kept in common..."


I know what you mean. Have recently taken up photography and everything I ancounter becomes a possible snapshot. Was walking home yesterday past an empty firestation and thought 'wow, that would make a great shot.' The trucks were gone and all that was left were 4 pairs of shoes.

I'm always mentally taking pictures.

And I'd love to see a judge order someone to show cows. hee