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dreams, dread and donuts

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dreams, dread and donuts

I slept on and off all night, accumulating about two hours worth of sleep in all. Sleep, wake. Sleep, wake. During the sleeping moments, there were dreams that made me toss and turn and, at least once, yell out loud. In one of the dreams I was in a place so deep, so far removed from our usual world, that I thought for a moment I would never get out. There were twisted roots of trees winding around a deep hole like a wooden tornado, and I could see myself looking up, arms stretched out, a look of fear on my face. The further I sunk into that hole, the deeper I went into my dreamworld, until I felt as if I was suffocating, maybe drowning, and I tried to wake myself. There is a great struggle that goes on when you try to wake yourself, when you are cognizant that you are in a dream state, but know you need to get out of it. It's almost like beating yourself up. There was a moment of panic when I though that I had finally gone too deep into my dream world and I would never get out. Then, finally, the roots of the trees loosened their grip on the walls of the hole and swung down to form ropes. I climbed them, swinging from one to another, blistering my hands and straining my muscles, all the while feeling like the surface was not getting any nearer. I was losing my breath, losing my grip and for a brief second I wanted to just let go and fall into the hole, let whatever world down there that was trying to swallow me do so. At that time, in my waking life, Justin was shaking me, trying to get me up because I was gasping for air, as I do sometimes. I finally was able to open my eyes and get myself out of the dream, and I sat up and swallowed several gulps of air, sure that if I didn't get enough air in I was going to die on the spot. Just another night around here.

So now I have a huge headache and I'm working on very little sleep. There was not one drop of snow during the night, let alone the three inches they kept talking about. Despite the fact that I knew in my heart it was not going to snow, I still went to bed last night with visions of a snow day dancing in my head.

It's Monday morning, I am tired and cranky and facing a desk pile high with a million things that all need immediate attention. I have looming deadlines on several projects and all I want to do is crawl back into bed for just another...seven days or so will do. Time to face the world, I guess. It's going to be a Krispy Kreme and strong coffee kind of a day.

*blogsticker made by Pixelfish. You know, I've never had poutine but I hear it's to die for.


no snow huh? you can have the 5-6" we had here... the plows were out in our neighborhood at 1:30 this morning, waking me from my dreams (which I never remember anyway)...

so here's to a strong coffee day for us - i'll settle for a little debbie nutty bar as we don't have krispy kreme here by us (yet)...

So you had a dream about being at a 50% Off Sale at Target? Wow, thatís pretty weird Michele.

Pixelfish tried to convince me of the benefits of Poutine a few months ago. Iím still scared of it.

Plus the weather is so horrendous outside....I am utterly exhausted as well :)

Poutine is perhaps one of the more delightful of sinful foods. It is to die for.

You totally have to come visit G and get some sweet poutine action. And no that is not a weird Canadian pick up line.

Oh, poutine IS to die for! Provided your first try is REAL, eastern townships Quebec, Canada poutine. THAT is good stuff.

Michele, that sounded like a pretty powerful dream. I'm a firm believer that dreams try to tell us thing that we're not listening or paying attention to in waking life. Have you thought any more about it? Those twisted tree roots were an amazing image for me.

Come see me in Montreal, I shall feed you all the poutine you can handle!

Mmmm...it's the right season for poutine, too. It keeps this Canadian warm in the winter! (Although I agree that you must go to la belle province in order to experience poutine properly.)

Poutine is fabulous but fattening. If you're ever in Canada, I highly recommend it for a snack. If I remember correctly, it's basically french fries swimming in gravy and melted cheese. Trust me, it's tasty! :)

I want poutine. Now. Do you think it would hold up well in the mail?