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the morning news (brought to you by Folgers)

the morning news (brought to you by Folgers)

I turn on the news last night (I think it was MSNBC), and they are showing the plane, piloted by a 15-year old, that crashed into a skyscraper in Florida. The camera stays on the plane for about 15 minutes while two people talk over it. Occasionally, you can see someone inside the building, probably scratching his head and wondering how the hell to get the plane out of there. Now, it's what these two guys were saying that was so interesting. I was only sort of half-listening, but that was all I needed to know that the media have gone collectively insane.

This is like Columbine. Kids bringing guns to school, now they are flying planes into buildings. How can we feel safe? Imminent terrorist attacks. WTC all over again. Florida flight training schools. Columbine.

A 15 year old kid who was probably hell bent on getting some attention took a plane he wasn't supposed to. I didn't read anything more into this story than just that. Not every event that happens needs to be looked at on a grander scale. Sometimes things are just what they seem. A reckless 15 year old who made a really big mistake. It's not a school shooting, or even comparable to one. It's not an act of terrorism. It's not an attack on our sense of safety. Why do these talking heads insist on making it out be more? Is frightening the audience the new standard for television news?

So, in other news:

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The number one selling album in 2001 leaves me crying for the state of music and wondering what the hell 14 year old middle class white boys are so angry about, anyhow

I may finally get a shot of snow here

And last but not least, in what I hope is becoming a standard for 2002, Denis Rodman has joined the ranks of Celebrity Assholes in Handcuffs. I would really like to see more of this kind of thing.


i say we ban planes - people don't kill people, planes do...it's all so fucking obvious...

ahh, kids today, huh?