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crash and burn

crash and burn

I think I finally had my post-holiday season crash.

I had all kinds of plans for today. I was going to work on my redesign. I was going to fool around with some graphic ideas and I was going to spend a good portion of the day talking to Candi on AIM. In between, I would get the dishes done, do some laundry and end the day feeling a bit accomplished.

At some point the electrician came to fix the circuit breaker that shorted out last night. I shut the computer down because he was turning off the main switch. I decided to sit on the couch with my book and wait it out. Bad move.

The electrician came and went. I was still on the couch. The problem was, I wasn't really reading. I was dozing on and off. It was all I could do to keep my eyes open. For about six hours, I hovered between sleeping and barely waking, one time opening my eyes long enough to catch the last part of Escape to New York. I had bizarre dreams that I couldn't escape from and even when I did wake up, my body felt like it was still sleeping. So now it's 7:00, we have had dinner and are debating what movie to watch. All I want to do is go back to bed.

I really have to stop blogging for the sake of blogging. When I have nothing to say, I should say just that. Nothing.


i had almost the identical day. minus the electrician.

I'm beginning to think we are the same person, Sarah.

And I owe you an email, I know.

I just recently found you and boy am I glad I did. You make me laugh and I LOVE that there is an update almost every time I swing by (and that's often). :) Thank you for making me laugh and sharing your life with us. Heh!

Well, considering you're an on and off again insomniac, I say, take the sleep where you can get it, girl! :-)