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may the force drop a ten ton brick on your head

may the force drop a ten ton brick on your head

Some dorkass in Seattle has decided to wait in line for Star Wars: Episode 2 (Attack of the Lucas Ego), which doesn't open until May 16th.

If any of you are in the Seattle area, could you please go see this guy and (1) kick him in his balls and (2) ask him a few questions for me?

1. Do you not have a job? If you don't have a job, wouldn't your time be better served looking for one thanwaiting in line for a movie that is going to suck more ass than Freddie Got Fingered?

2. If you are doing this as an "art project" as you claim, why don't you pick a movie with more artistic merits?It seems sort of hypocritical for you to claim that you are doing this for art when you are waiting to see an over-hyped, multi million dollar extravaganza that features a cameo by NSync.

3. Were you born without pride or shame or did that accumulate over time, perhaps from spending too much time in someone's basement presiding over the minutes of the Seattle Star Wars Society?

4. Speaking of basements, is your mom subletting hers while you are away until May?

5. You're a virgin, aren't you?

So if someone could get these questions over to him and get me some answers, I will be most grateful. And if he answers number 5 with "I'm saving myself for my very own Princess Leia," please kill him on the spot.


Words fail me. Besides, you’ve asked all the best questions Michele.

Sad thing is, no one will remember this sure fire pile of turd movie but will always remember that one idiot who waited in line since January.

5. You're a virgin, aren't you?


I saw the Seattle Times on Sunday and they had a pic of him there. Actually there are two people, so they can take turns I guess.

What a way to waste five months of your life.....for what? A movie that will be out on pay per view about 2 months later.

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