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plug someone you love

plug someone you love

Interesting morning. When I got here my blog was gone. Not only could I not get on the page, but when I went into greymatter, everything was gone. Every entry. I brought up my FTP thingie and looked in there, but nothing was missing. As someone who is pretty illiterate when it comes to these things, it was a scary moment. I may have cried. So I fired off a quick email to my savior in these matters, Candi, and I am sure I sounded like a raving lunatic.

Anyhow, long story short, about ten minutes later everything miraculously appeared again. How very odd. I wonder if this is a portent to the whole day.

So I was thinking about the Bloggies. I think it's a nice idea to have fellow webloggers vote for the people they enjoyed reading over the year. Then I looked at last year's winners and realized that while this seems like a good idea on the surface, it's just another way to heap accolades on the "upper crust" of the weblogging community.

But it doesn't have to be. If a whole bunch of us on the other rungs of the blog ladder vote, maybe we can give lesser known blogs a chance to win. If you look at my sidebar, you will see that most of us read the same blogs. And they are very good blogs, ones that would deserve an award or two. I know, I know, awards are meaningless. But wouldn't you feel good to get one, knowing that it wasn't just some random weblog review site that picked you, but your blogging peers?

Despite my initial stance that I was going to completely ignore the Bloggies, I've changed my mind. Jill's post about this, and her analogy to the unpopular girl winning homecoming queen, made me want to go and vote. So go over there, and let's give the homecoming king/queen title to someone besides the head cheerleader and football captain. Or, as Jill put it, go plug someone you love.


Plug someone we love...I guess I can give it a try ;) I know Jill's got one of my GLBT votes!

Hi there Michele.

Do u use XP? I have this same problem with stuff missing on my blog page,ive heard its a "feature" that comes with XP but i havent heard how to fix it yet.

I want to win. In any catergory. It's fine. GLBT, Canadian, Community weblog, whatever. I know I won't win, but I'll bother people about it until the nominees are posted. Then I'll get angry and annoy people with my rants aganist the bloggies.

Such a joyus season.

Or have your cake and eat it, too, like me. Vote, but then create your own awards with your own categories.