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this, that and the other thing

this, that and the other thing

So it's Friday night and I should be full of ideas and vim and vigor and a lust for life. Well, I got the lust part down and overwith. The vim and vigor went out the window when the dinner I was trying to cook was ruined by a shorted out circuit breaker that does not want to get un-shorted. And the ideas, well my brain is on lockdown. So what does one do when one finally has some time to blog but has no brain power to come up with anything interesting? You talk about other bloggers.

Ryan is sporting the same Goatee Style t-shirt as me tonight, and he and Chris have both redesigned. Spiffiness abounds.

Let it be now known, Ian is really Sid Vicious. (jan. 3 entry)

Delicious sites found in my referrer logs and/or comments or that I just read regularly which will get added to the sidebar when I feel less drained: random thoughts; leuschke; good deed; house o groove; life on the bay; blahblahblog; andy's chest; legnog; skattieboy; boingboing; luminescent and lost by an echo.

If there was a way to get paid for reading weblogs, I would have my large screen tv by now.

I owe people emails. I owe people time. I owe it to myself to try and get a real night's sleep. I know you understand.


I redesigned. It's not very spiffy. I prefer to think of it as "swell".


and thank you again for the shirt! woohoo

Some kind of drug or hallucinogen usually helps a blocked mind. Not to healthy on the body though, or the mind for that matter.

Bryan, you know I did that on purpose, right? I think the joke has played it's course. I'll stop now.

Freedexter did indeed redesing, and I really should have added that blog to my list because I read it every day.

And it's more of a "faboo" than a spiffy or swell.

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