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Jason Shellen is a genius. Here is your proof.

My can't-do-without utility for 2002 is the cheatsheat.


That's pretty standard fare for anyone who hates searching through bookmarks. I had to create one of those a few years ago when I realized I couldn't freaking find anything. I have all of my own sites, like GM and MT and the stats link, and all of my site utilities listed on my start page. It rocks.

It's standard fare for people like you who know how to do those things. I, on the other hand, need people to make these things for me.

Thanks for the lovin' but I think you want to heap praise on http://shellen.net/cheatsheet/ the version you linked to is an old static version. The new one is a dynamically created thing-a-jigger.

- peace out -

That's meant to be thing-a-ma-jigger up above.

That is all.

Really. Can't have the jigger without the ma.

Fixed the link.

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