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here's to global warming

here's to global warming

Well, you can stop emailing me now. Please. Apparently I did not have ten best blogging moments from 2001. I had one. The Day That Wouldn't Stop Sucking was the hands down winner. While a few people came up with some other posts, the day I spit on someone seems to be living in infamy. So there you have it, my top one blogging entry of the year. Numbers 2-10 have left town.

It's January and we haven't had even one snow flurry yet. There are huge storms to the south and north, but nothing here. I just want that one huge snow storm.

I like snow when it is new. When it comes overnight, while the world is sleeping and when you wake in the morning you just know. You lay in bed and you can hear ice-coated flakes brushing the side of the house each time the wind blows. You can feel it rather than see it - there is a different sense in the air whenyou wake during a snowstorm. You look out the window and the light of the streetlamp catches the swirling snow in mid-air, light, flurried flakes mixing with heavier drops of snow that fall to the ground with a thud. The world is still and and quiet and glistens from the new layer of white that rests upon it. The snow is fresh and unmarked and it is a thing of beauty. Eventually, other people wake and the magic of the untouched snow is broken by the sounds of snowblowers and tires crunching their way down the street. Daylight comes and there is no school, no work, and what was just this morning a picture of serenity is filled with children and sleds and snowmen; a different form of art and beauty. Snow days are a wonderful things filled with hot chocolate and frozen, reddened hands and board games and homemade soup.

And then of course, reality sets in and you realize you have to drive to work through ice and slush the next day and there are wet coats and pants dripping all over the kitchen floor and the driveway has to be shoveled and there are going to be at least one hundred idiot, snow-fearing drivers on the road with you tomorrow. The piles of white, fresh snow that were once a thing of beauty, will turn into hardened blocks of brown, filthy ice, which the sanitation department will completely ignore when "cleaning" the roads. The parking lot at work won't get cleared of the mess for weeks to come, seriously limiting the number of available spots, so you have to get to work extra early every day if you don't want to park 2 blocks away and have to hike over snowbanks to cross the street. The salt the town has dumped in useless chunks on your roads will eat away at your car's paint job. In two days, you will be sick of the cold, the the snow and who ever you are living with and stuck in the house with because the roads that never got plowed are now a sheet of ice and you can't go out.

Did I say I wanted snow? I just talked myself out of it. Global warming is my new best friend.


On one such snowy morning, my father ventured out into the pristine snow, naked, so intent on writing his name with pee that he temporarily forgot an important element of my mother's character - she is a compulsive door-locker - until it was too late. He was frozen solid when we kids found him, so we just put a top hat on him and used him as a snowman that winter.

I missed that post.

But wow. For me that would take guts. I am a very non-confrontational type of person, much to my shame, and I sometimes don't speak up when I should. Or if I do, I do it where it's safe and people can't see me....like online. (Okay, so I'm a big coward.)

Anyways, I think that one day, however sucky it may have been for you, was really something.

Except for the threat that NYC will get killed this Sunday into Monday with snow, it is HYSTERICAL or perhaps VERY weird to see the south get so slammed with snow!

you stop yr bitching or I'll set yr bush on fire. you think you got hassles - at least you can breathe.

People like all of your posts, Michele. ;-) You're like a can of Pringles. Or whatever the hell it is where you can't just have one.

You mean orgasm?

Hello. If you are owner of this site, delete this message, please.


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