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and then she mistook her ass for her brains

and then she mistook her ass for her brains

Of all the stupid things I have done as a mother, at least I never glued my child's eyes shut by accident.

Whenever I feel inferior as a parent, there is nothing more heartening than witnessing the complete idiocy of others to make myself feel good.


That has got to be one of the stupidest things ever done in the long history of stupid things.

i'm at a complete & utter loss for words... what i'd like to know is how many folks keep their clue & medicine in the same cabinet to beging with? or maybe she just didn't have her morning caffeine fix yet...

What astounds me even more is that the mother was on every local newscast last night talking about. I would have been hiding in a closet.

And, the girl is getting a puppy out of the deal. "Oh, sorry I put glue in your eyes and embarassed you in front of all of Long Island. Here's a puppy!"

Some day, that puppy is going to end up with his eyelids glued shut.

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