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Justin "Jedi" Timberlake

Justin "Jedi" Timberlake

Dear Mr. Lucas,

You have now moved up to the top of my shit list, surpassing both Fred Durst and Scott Stapp to take the number one position, also known as Grand Fuckwad.

I reallly shouldn't be disappointed with your decision to give NSync a part in Episode 2. I was the only one who recognized the beginning of the end of your genius when you introduced us to Ewoks. Cute, fuzzy, marketable creatures have led you on the path to commercialism.

I waited all those years for Episode 1, and I'm not even going to waste my breath talking about the travesty that is Jar Jar Binks or continuity problems.

I thought maybe, just maybe, you would redeem yourself with Episode 2. Maybe Jar Jar would die. Maybe there would be no loveable woodland creatures. Maybe it would be all dark and foreboding like Empire. Attack of the Clones? Have you lost your fucking mind? You have forsaken me, George. Nothing you could do at this point will make me shell out any of my hard earned money to see any further pieces of crap you put out. You could make Boba Fett the star of the show and I still won't come. I am done with you and with the Star Wars franchise as a whole.

George, you have to understand something. More than half of my net-worth can be attributed to Star Wars collectible merchandise. I can give a three hour discourse on the subtext of the first three films. I was your minion. I worshiped you and the characters your mind gave birth to. But now, now it has all been sullied.

It's not that I have this horrible, strong distaste for NSync. It's the point, George. It has all become one big, multi million dollar joke to you. Well it's not a joke to the legion of Star Wars fans who are disgusted at your latest stunt. I'm tired of you, George. I'm tired of your litigation happy ass. I'm tired of your so-called vision. I never thought I would say this, but I am tired of Star Wars.

Excpect a letter from my attorney. I am suing you for mental and physical anguish, mostly for this sick, nauseous feeling I have been experiencing since yesterday.

I am now going to sell all of my Star Wars toys on eBay before they become worthless.



At least we get to watch them get blown up...

Let's be honest, wasn't it really the end when Lucas made a guest appearance in Beverly Hills Cop 3?

George is pissing on our childhoods, people. He must be stopped.

Here you go, this probably interests you...I don't post about these type of things, but it fits here ;)


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