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reader's poll: did i even have a top ten? maybe 5? 3?

reader's poll: did i even have a top ten? maybe 5? 3?

I need a favor from all of you. So many people have compiled their own ten favorite blog entries from 2001. I had neither the time nor the inclination to go through my past entries to pick out my ten favorite. I have this thing about re-reading my own writing. I hate doing it.

So, my quest to you for today is, help me compile the reader's top ten A Fire Inside blog entries for 2001. What was your favorite blog entry of mine in the past year? If you know the specific date of the post, that's great. Otherwise you can probably get away with "remember that time you wrote about blah blah blah," and I will probably be able to find it.

You can enter your choice in the comments here or by emailing me. I would much rather get your take on my top ten than my own. I'll post the results later on in the week.

Thank you, and thank you so much for spending some of the past year here. I'm looking forward to spending 2002 with you.


First post ;-)

By far, my favorite entry, the one that had me biting my tongue at work so I wouldn't laugh out loud, was the entry when you stapled papers to your sleeve.

I loved 10/23/2001 Entry: "Mutant". I laughed so hard at that one.

That's easy.

The Day that Wouldn't Stop Sucking is right up there.

I second that. The Day that Wouldn't Stop Sucking is my #1 favorite blog entry of all time, by anyone.

I'd like to third that nomination, especially since the next day I referred to it when I found my breaking point. (Click the homepage link to see what I mean.)

I really liked the one about your cookies.

any of your krispey kreme donut road rage series works for me.

The Day That Wouldn't Stop Sucking. best. blog. entry. ever.

by. anyone.


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