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hey you old acquaintances!

hey you old acquaintances!

I am off to my sister's house for a night of drunken revelry and debauchery.

I lie. The grownups will probably be asleep by 12:01 and the kids will be running wild around the house. Either way, we are spending the night there even though she lives only 3 miles away. Too many idiots on the road after midnight. I shall return this here place maybe tomorrow night, maybe Wednesday morning.

Have a safe New Year, please. Drink responsibly, drive sober. I don't want to read about you in the papers. I'll be thinking of all you of when I send out my silent new year wishes to the world at midnight.

And happy birthday, Trav!


have a wonderful new year, full of wonderful moments and inspiring wittiness. thanks for sharing the last year with us -- you've definitely given me lots of smiles. :-)

Happy new year Michele, all the best for 2002!

Ahhhh Thanks Michele. I sending out good New Years vibes to you too. I wish you the best in 2k2 cuz you deserve it.

Hope you had a good year.


Hey happy new year u dumbass

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