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where is my mind?

where is my mind?

I bet you didn't know that there is a tried and true recipe for losing one's mind. Well, not so much a recipe, as you are not exactly cooking your brain...but then again, this is sure to fry your brain so.....as you can see, I obviously followed this recipe and thus am rambling incoherently.

Recipe for Insanity


1 holiday week

1 school vacation

2 wired children

2 friends of wired children (also wired to the maximum capacity)

1 box of sugar glazed donuts

several video games (be sure to include Tekken 3 or similar fighting game)

3 grownups filled to the brim with industrial strenght caffeine


Take all ingredients. Mix together in small apartment. Add loud noises, such as brand new musical keyboard with 200 different sounds, a computer game that makes barking noises and Terminator 2 playing on a tv somewhere. Simmer for about 2 hours until you feel brain beginning to explode. Recipe is just about finished when your eyes glaze over.

To test for readiness, turn on any Carrottop or Pauly Shore movie. If you laugh, your recipe has been completed successfully. Sit back and enjoy your blissful ignorance as your brain leaves your body and you no longer care about the sounds of screaming and breaking glass coming from the other room.


For variety:

Add several pounds of brown sugar candy(of the over-sweet variety) and sprinkle in with ridiculous technical support people from Lexmark. Spread liberally with nonsensical financial bullshit. Enjoy!!!

Another variation we have in the Midwest is to add several nosy, Baptist adults pestering you to go to evening service with them.