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the secret santa who never showed up

the secret santa who never showed up

So, just out of curiousity, did anyone else get stiffed by their Secret Santa? And would an email to him/her, when I find out who they are, pointing out my abject disappointment in their ability to follow rules be wholly inappropriate?

Am I being totally materialistic and crass in being disappointed? Perhaps if I had received an email from them stating that they had run out time and/or money I wouldn't be feeling so pissed. But to sign up for something that entails both giving and getting, and completely ignoring the giving part, without any valid explanation, just reeks of selfishness.

If you are reading this, secret santa person, please forget my gift at this point and just take a couple of bucks and put it towards Shel's Penny Drive for Charity and we'll call it even, ok?


Um yeah, I would have every reason to be pissed, that cheap rat bastard. I mean, if you are going to participate in something that requires OBLIGATION. Is it really that hard to do a secret santa? No way Jose. I completely agree with you :)


Well, before we all jump the gun here, it may not be entirely the Secret Santa's fault. Amazon has been known to fudge or delay an order on occasion. Take me, for instance. I ordered a Secret Santa gift on the 14th, but it didn't get shipped until over a week later. (The item normally ships within 24 hours.) So I'm hoping that my recipient doesn't get all in a tizzy about how late the gift got there.


Amazon lets you see if anything has been bought from your wishlist. Mine remains intact from when I made it in November.

I know I am sounding petty. I'm just annoyed.

Let it go.

The person who was your Secret Santa probably meant well, and is now wracked with guilt over the fact that they missed the deadline. Chalk it up to life experience and consider the episode closed - you may still be surprised by a Secret Baby New Year, or possibly a Secret Martin Luther King, Jr.

I wouldn't be so quick to sign up for a Secret Easter Bunny, though.

Secret Baby? If anyone sends me one of those those they're getting it back.

We could have a secret satan day on Halloween. We could just send each other porn and drugs and and illegal copies of mp3s...all those things that get you into hell free.

Michelle, you are not alone. I didn't receive a gift, nor has anything been purchased from my wishlist. Like you, I've been debating on what I might do when I find out who it is. The next question is when do we find out? I could have sworn they were suppose to send that info out on Christmas day ...

Please post the link to the "Secret Satan" gift program. I would like to participate. Can we be the secret satan for people we don't like and send them poo?

I like sending people poo, but they never blog about it afterwards so I never know what the reaction was. But if it was an official program of some sort then I could just ask. "Hey, what did you get from your secret satan? Poo??!! Oh my God! Tell me all about it."

I signed up to be a secret santa but soon realised that I was in no way shape or form able to get a present for my partner. luckily my request was never processed (dumb luck?) and so technically, no one "got hosed" by me(this year).

I'm well aware of what Amazon lets their customers do with their wish lists; I've shopped with them for several years. I was merely trying to present another possibility. I don't blame you for being annoyed/pissed/whatever.

I have this strange habit of looking at both sides of the coin. So sue me.

Eek. I've pissed off Fredo. I'm sorry :(

I haven't gotten anything from my Secret Santa, either, but that's ok. I got seven sweaters this year, and before that I had none. shrug Whatever!

I know Christine at Blah Blah Blog got stiffed by her Secret Santa, too. That just bites -- I'm sorry!

Santa left a care package here for you. Don't know why he left them here, something about drunken reindeer.

Why he thought I had your shipping address I don't know...

I got stiffed by Secret Santa - I signed up and wasn't paired with anyone. Very depressing - like getting coal in one's stocking.

Jessica, I was supposed to send you my shipping address for that cd, wasn't I?

Oooooh yes.

There is a small pile of cds with your name on 'em. They just need to know where to go.

I have your Secret Baby. But can you have him back by spring? He's supposed to visit his grandpa.

I will refuse any secret babies immediately. I will stamp "return to sender" on the bean's head and just for spite, I will send my two children back with him.

Nobody sends me a secret baby and gets away with it!!

And so it goes straight to Candi. I've made enough jokes about it. Perhaps I should joke less, package more.

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