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twas the workday before Christmas...

twas the workday before Christmas...

Why am I sitting here blogging at 5am on Christmas Eve? Because I have to got work today. As I sit here staring at a pile of unwrapped presents, a list that is not yet complete and a mess of house that would probably make Martha Stewart's insides shrivel up and die, I am going to work instead of taking care of all my last minute details. Not only am I going to the office, but I am going in early, at about 6:30, because I have tons of work to do and my vacation starts tomorrow. But just so you don't think that I am one of those crazy people with solid work ethics, let it be known that I am planning on being out of that building by 11 the latest, and I don't go back until January 2nd. Mind you, the court is furloughed during that time, which, in government speak means "you are to take off from Christmas to the day after New Years but you have to use your own vacation time." Merry fucking Christmas to you too, Mr. Pataki.

And as I'm sitting here reading the local news, looking for any last shreds of Christmas spirit I can cling onto, it occurrs to me that almost every day there is a fatal shooting on the block where I work. I have plenty of protection, though. If anyone comes near me, I'll just point to my shoes and tell them I'm wired.

As I write, I am sitting here wavering on whether I really need to go into the office or not. It's cold, it raining, I have so much to do today, and our time is cut short because of the 40th annual Catalano gathering of the drunken, noisy relatives on Christmas Eve, which begins at 6pm. So if any of you are as silly as me as to be up at 5am today, you have approximately one hour to leave me a comment or email me with a good reason why I should just blow off work today. Please include appropriate excuse to give my boss.

I'll be sitting here, procrastinating and listening to the comforting holiday sounds of Spinal Tap's "Christmas with the Devil." Here, have some legnog. I mean, eggnog.

(addendum: 5:30 am) Alright, who was going to take the time to remind that I am so wrapped up in my own failure to get Christmas ready on time that I completely forgot that today is my mother's birthday? Someone needs to kick my ass, right now.


There is like TUMBLEWEED going through my office right now. I am the only LOSER at work because I had no vacation days left. GHETTO baby, GHETTO! Happy Holidays girl.

with love,


Hey, I forgot it was my sister's birthday (Christmas Eve is) and I completely neglected to say anything tonight when she called. So...do I feel like a schmuck or what?

There are actually quite a few people at my office, but everyone's taking off after lunch. Gotta go home, pack, and do the road trip home for the holidays. At least I got a new mixtape to try out for the trip!

just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and that sort of thing. ~xoxo

But, wouldn't Martha Stewart's insides shriveling up and dying be a good thing? Merry Christmas, Michele!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Look for drunken Christmas Eve posting tonight.

My parents made the mistake of buying a bottle of wine. the stuff I like too... I forsee me, huddled in the corner, lashing out at anyone who comes near..."MINE! Mine!!!!"

Drunken IM's later? :)

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