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and in other random ramblings...

and in other random ramblings...

So George Bush had some pre-cancerous lesions removed from his face today.

Now, if they could just remove those pre-cancerous lesions from his cabinet, we'll be ok.

Two days ago, bin Laden was said to be surrounded. I actually heard a talking head on tv say that Ol Dirty Laden should be dead in 24 hours. So today, in a statement that's sure to boost the confidence of Americans, it was announced that ODL's whereabouts is "anyone's guess." I'm guessing the guy already shaved his beard, put on a pair of khakis and a floral shirt, and is taking a garden tour of Hawaii right now. Wanna play Guess where ODL is now? We all put in a dollar and whoever comes the closest to where he's found wins it all. If you want to be altruistic about it, you can donate the winnings to the Coalition to Clean up After We Bomb the Hell Out of You fund.

And I know Chris doesn't care, but I do: the lead singer of Big Country was ">found dead yesterday. If you're under 30 you're probably saying big who?, but as horrible as this band would probably sound if you put on one of their cds now, they were the shit back in the 80's. I don't even mean their big hit, "In A Big Country." "Inwards" and "Fields of Fire" were much better. Another piece of my life shot to hell.

I used to do a site of the day occasionally. I don't anymore. No idea why I stopped, maybe laziness. So I just want to take the opportunity to plug Jon Sullivan, one of my most favorite blogs in the entire world. He's got recipes. And animals. And lots of wonderful pictures. He even has pictures of the food he makes with his recipes. Always entertaining, whether he is talking about zoos or politics. His comments are just as enthralling as his site. His mom and dad always visit and his dad's a hoot. It's just one of those blogs that, when I'm having a bad day, I can go to for a smile. Thanks, Jon.

And now, my margarita awaits me. Nothing like a bit of tequila to wipe out a monstrous Monday.


I'm not saying he would...but man...if he shaved his beard would the rest of the world recognise him????

That's all I'm saying. Shave his beard, but a South Park shirt and jeans on him...he'd be unrecognizable.

big country? he's dead? i think i'm in shock.

Um... in the reissue of the Star Wars Trilogy, didn't Emperor Palpatine have funny lesions on his face in ROTJ?

Coincidence? Has anyone else seen the hooded figure stalking the corridors of the West Wing?

So is Ashcroft Darth Vader? Is he really Al Gore's father? And who is the Han Solo in all this?

the guy from big country is dead? i'm sad.

Either I need my eyes examined, or I only see what i wanna see, cuz i read "precancerous lesbians" (the very best kind, in my opinion) and "ODB" (again).

I may be obsessed. With both.

We have long convinced ourselves...that the existence of even the most subtle of the 'invisible' things postulated by the scientist is verified, in principle, in exactly the same way as the reality of a tree or a star. by WPT