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let the bunny fill you with love

let the bunny fill you with love

Today's mail brought very pleasant surprises. Candi sent me brownies and a sweet/funny card. The card is hanging on my wall, the brownies...well, they were gone ten minutes after I opened the box. Candi also gave me a nice little gift today in helping me fix up the css I screwed around with and messed up yesterday. The nifty new font and colors are courtesy of her patience and kindness.

Also in the mail today was a nice big box. The return address label on the box said "Be quick before Filler Bunny becomes Killer Bunny!" I finally, finally got my Filler Bunny and Filler Bunny comics, courtesy of D and Pix, who already sent me the Dave McKean stuff last week. What did I do to deserve those two? There were two bunnies in the box and I will be shipping one off to England this week so D can have his very own bunny in a glass jar.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Candi, D and Pix. You all rock my world.


Dance Bunny! Dance!

You mean they actually made it?!?!? I'm overjoyed! Damn post office.

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