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to dream....


anyone who knows anything about lucid dreaming; experiences lucid dreaming; wants to talk about lucid dreaming or OBEs, sleep paralysis,sleep associated hypnagogic and hypnopompic Experiences or just dreams in particular.

Please leave comment or email me.


Non-lucid dreaming is the exception for me. I ALWAYS know I'm dreaming and I can always affect the outcome, ie. make bad dreams stop. I've always been this way and was very surprised, many moons ago, to find that others are not.

At one time I did a lot of reading about how to lucid dream - and I could never get it right. My mind would trick me - I would become "conscious" in my dream, but then the dream would shift to me "waking up" and talking to someone, saying.. "I was awake in my dream, etc. etc." (but I was still asleep) Dreaming of "waking up" would always break my lucidity. (is that a word?)

I'm pretty much in the same boat as Sekimori.

Teh few dreams I remember when I wake are always lucid dreams. I don't usually interact with them these days. That's usually when I'm going through more creative times....

Even so, I know I'm dreaming.

I can always pick up my dreams after waking up for a few seconds, too.

I too am in the same boat as Sekimori. I have always been able to control my dreams and the path they take. Unfortunately I no longer remember them as I once did. I notice that I can usually return to a dream if I awaken during it. Although it usually changes in some substantial way. Im guess effected by my concious mind. Some nights I lie awake and watch my girlfriend as she twitches through Nightmares that are common to her. She truly dreads them. I however have never had a nightmare I didn't love.

That's true, Edgar...I can't remember them as clearly either. Could that be the price of lucid dreaming?

My husband has the worst nightmares, usually involving something terrible happening to me or the kids (or some of his more horrific military-provided memories). Right after our son was born, he dreamed they were walking together and Kier's head fell off and he was desperately trying to put it back on. I had to wake him and he just wept, the dream was so strong.

goddamn it - lay off the acid/hair metal...it's bad, mmmkay...

mind you, i did have an out-of-body/similar to near-death experience dreaming once...very very strange..remind me to tell you about it sometime...

I guess 99% of my dreams are lucid dreams, but so lucid that I often feel tired when I wake up.

I'm trying to figure out if there is some common thread in the people that lucid dream, and why some people can do it so easily and other have never experienced it.

Have you ever had a dream, Michele, that you were so sure was real. What if you were unable to wake from that dream, how would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world?

The commanality tends to be people who dream while not in a deep sleep. Thats why your mind enters into the equation and you are able to control elements of the dream. Im sure you know this. You also wake up feeling tired due to the fact that you did not sleep deeply during the night. Although, in your case Michelle I think its because you do not sleep enough. I also think its more common with strong willed people. Lucid dreamers tend to role with things in their life better than those who dont. We work our problems out in our dreams.

I can remember clearly when I first heard of lucid dreaming - I was about 11 and I used to get "Cricket," the magazine for kids. They had a piece about lucid dreaming (they called it something else). It was such a revelation. I dream so vividly that I sometimes forget the events were a dream, and used to have lots of nightmares - so to have someone tell me I could control the outcome, well, it was better than Christmas. I now have both kinds of dreams: dreams where I think it's all really happening and dreams where I realize I can change the story. I kind of like both.

My feelings on ODB are well-known. I think it's a travesty that an artist of his stature is languishing in prison.


Dude, got my "Free ODB!" t shirt waving from the flagpole of my house.

On the err..real subject, for those of you who have had lucid dreaming, have you ever had the experience of not being able to get out of the dream, even though you feel like you are awake? I mean physically, as in you can't move even though you think you are fully awake.

Hey Michele,

I sent you an email about the sleep paralysis. Very scary stuff...With your dreams and sleep paralysis combined it must be extra scary...I do know a bit more. Email me, K?


I'm working on a new Sci Fi Channel TV series called "The Dream Team," which is a dream interpretation show. We're looking for guests to come on to tell their dreams. Any of you in the southern California area want to be on the show? Email me back at DreamTeam22@hotmail.com.


I was unable to wake myself up from a nightmare last night. I tried several times. This went on for about 20 minutes and I was aware that I was dreaming and aware of the passage of time. It was the most terrifying experience I've ever had. Can anyone relate?

I have been unable to remember dreaming for a long while and cannot get any rest. I wake up tired every morning and tend to sleep in so much that I cannot get showered (I shower two times daily normally - 1 in morning, 1 at night a few hours before bedtime) before work for 2 weeks now.

I frequently doze off while driving to work 20 min drive 1 way.

Before this happened I worked quite well on 6 hours of sleep and felt great. When I started to feel tired and my dreams had left me, I decied to try to sleep longer and it feels like I made it worse or it just got worse anyway. I now sleep a minimum of 8 hours a night and still feel like crap in the morning. My wife tries to keep things from disturbing me (kids, phone, doorbell) and has not had any affect on my sleepiness.

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