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my spider sense is tingling

my spider sense is tingling

Dear Santa,

For Christmas could you please send me a time machine so I can make it be May 3rd? Please?

Thank you.

[spiderman trailer: quicktime version recommended].

I am drooling with anticipation.


I hope it's one of those indivual time machines...cuz I'd hate to miss my birthday.

If you want to come to the movie with me, we could make the machine stop at your birthday first.

I'm still not sure how I feel about Toby Maguire playing Spiderman...

You do not even want to get me started. This movie will be a travesty. A slap in the face to spiderman fans everywhere. Sure army of darkness was funny but have you seen anything else by the man? He doesn't even have webshooters for chirsts sake. They robbed him of his one major weekness. I know I will hate this movie.

I just watched the preview. It actually doesn't look horrible. But whats whith the hair growing out of his thumbs, and the Silver lining in his suit?

The one thing I do like is Toby Macguire. He's an excellent actor and kind of geeky looking. Fits the Peter Parker roll. I just hope he can pull off the Sarcasm constantly emitted from Spidey in the comic books. Hell, I hope they wrote that sarcasm into the script.

I was going to remind you not to step on any butterflies....but then I realized that you were going forwards and not backwards.

Actually we don't have to stop at my birthday. We could just go for curry instead.

Curry and spiderman..it's a date!

Okay, finally got around to watching the trailer, and yes, it is going to be shit cool.

Damn, what's the butterfly reference... I remember a story about that, an agency that did journey's back through time... what was it again...

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