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For some unfathomable reason, we watched Little Nicky today.

Maybe because it was free. Maybe because it was Saturday afternoon and we were avoiding wrapping presents and doing the dishes.

Maybe we are just idiots.

I don't like Adam Sandler. Not even a little bit.

But we watched the whole thing. And...I laughed. Several times. At really bad jokes.

That's not the worst part.

When the movie was over, I went on audiogalaxy and downloaded the Scorpion's "Rock You Like A Hurricane."

Someone come over here and punch me in the head.

Thank you.


Last year I was Tech Sprt Mgr. at a software company, and I had a guy working for me named Amir from Iran. He used to download all kindsa Scorpions and crank it on the headphones at his desk. Eventually I had to tell him, "No more Scorpions where I can hear it dude, or yer fired". He quit.

Is it just me or is there an increasing note of desperation in Sandler's movies? The last time he looked like he was enjoying himself was The Wedding Singer. Or I could just be guilty of anthropomorphizing actors again... I do that sometimes.

No, I got the same sense. I don't see why he is so desparate, though. As long as he makes movies, there will always be enough 12 year old foul-mouthed kids who find Sandler funny enough to pay 8 bucks to see him make idiotic faces and bathroom jokes.

I think it's been since Big Daddy and not The Wedding Singer...but that's just me.

I saw the worst movie last night!

Joe Dirt

It was so pathetic i got up and left about 40 minutes into it.Its an insault to ones intelligence!!!!

Didn't see Big Daddy but he looked really, really angry in the trailers. Was that just the character?

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