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todd mcfarlane's balls

todd mcfarlane's balls

I always thought Todd McFarlane was a little bitch. Here's my proof, via (my idol) Neil Gaiman.

And I keep thinking of him after a conversation a couple of nights ago with Joe Quesada, Editor in Chief of Marvel. “Todd McFarlane says to tell you that on this Miracleman stuff, he’ll take it all the way. He’ll take it to the mat,” he said. “He told me to tell you, though, that if you could sort it all out by just getting in a room with him, man to man, and hammering out an agreement. And he made me promise to say that, if Neil keeps up, Todd’s going to go public with all the dirt on Neil he can find, and Neil’s fans won’t like him any more.”

And the last lingering shreds of respect I had for McFarlane just went away, like that.

Read the rest, it's pretty amusing. Especially the part about the baseballs.

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i think todd mcfarlane should make ZOE2 action figures of all the main characters

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