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careful, your indie cred is showing

careful, your indie cred is showing

I'm still trying to compile my list of year-end favorites and not-so favorites. I thought I would do a wrap up of my favorite albums of the year, and after sitting here for an hour wracking my brain, I realized that this year pretty much sucked musically.

I realized something else, too. In perusing other people's lists of best albums of 2001, I discovered that mosts lists put out by major magazines only prove one purpose: to show off the author's indie cred. It's as if there is a contest between the writers of all music/entertainment magazines to see who can put out the most eclectic list. And eclectic here means "bands the majority of readers have never heard of." I'm sure at least one of those critics has sat down at his desk and thought how cool he was as he typed in names of bands that will probably never be heard of anywhere else but on his stereo. But how cool, how indie is he for putting that on his list? Oh, but don't forget, no list this year is complete without saying how much you adored Radiohead's "Amnesiac" (even if you didn't..how can you be artsy without kissing the ass of Thom Yorke?) and how The Strokes are the greatest invention the Velvet Undreground. See, you can add media darlings to your list as long as they have been compared to a hip band from another era.

Is anyone going to admit they liked a best selling album? I bet you my last dollar that there's at least one critic out there who, when the lights are out and everyone else is sleeping, is grooving to Nsync on his headphones. You know that some sweater-wearing geek from Rolling Stone is spending his day talking about Stephen Malkmus, but when he goes home, he writhes around on the floor to Linkin Park.

Why can't people be honest when it comes to music? I'm not afraid to admit that I have enjoyed singing "Bye Bye Bye" or that I really dig that Nickelback song or that I listen to Staind more than once a week. Hell, I had Sade playing on the winamp a few minutes ago. I just want these critics to admit that they like something besides bands with unpronounceable names and acoustic guitars. We all know how much you love Frank Black. Tell us something else. Be the first to put Britney on your list. Break tradition. Set yourself free.


Funny you should say that: *NSYNC, Britney and even [gasp] that skank ho Christina Aguilera will be making appearances on my year end list, which I'll be compiling shortly. Of course, I'm no rock critic, but then I'm not a music snob, either. If I like it, great, and if not, that's fine, too.

So there.

I think people forget that sometimes music is supposed to be FUN.

Critics' year-end lists are always an exercise in esotericness. When I was reading the Boston Globe year-end lists by their Arts editors and writers, I recognized about 5 of the 40-50 albums listed there. And I'm really sick of everyone saying how the Strokes are the best thing since Elvis -- I don't think they are, and they're using a retro sound, big whoop. One retro band is not going to save alternative. The anticipation and "critical acclaim" has already doomed them.

Thank you. Thank you. Dead-on. Well done. That music critics accpet money for what they do is a tragedy. The only job in the world requiring less talent is radio dj.

Sorry to be the turd in the punch here but.....

You can have Brittany, Christina, Jennifer Lopez and whatever else the flavor of the year was. So many DIY bands, so many skilled musicians making such wonderful and different music and gasp; some of it from overseas. Its not as simple as not listening to something just because everyone else is. Its expanding the palette. These aeorobic/hip-hop/lip synch bands just don't do it for me. Now if you will excuse me I must go paint my fingernails black, smoke a clove cigarette and write shitty poetry...

Kevin, I'm not saying that indie music isn't good, I like a whole lot of it. I would just like to see some critic say "yea, I loved the Radiohead cd but god damn that new Slayer kicked my ass, too."

I hear ya. As "esoteric" as I like to present myself, I will occasionally pop in a Creed CD...... Ok. I was kidding with that one. My real guilty pleasure is Pearl Jam's first CD (God it hurt to write that!) ~:)

this reminds me of that one editor, the chick--she's always on Mtv and VH1 retrospective shows. she's kind of cool. she picked the Backstreet Boys as one of her faves one year...you have to admit that it totally took guts for her to say that on national television. unfortunately, i don't know her name and therefore can not easily reference her for you. she does reviews in some NY paper, i think. (do i sound like i'm clueless or what?)

I know who you are talking about, Bran. She's very outspoken and always tells funny stories, right?

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