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Ok, not this morning. Tonight, though. I'll be back with a vengeance declaring George Bush to be the anti-christ. With proof. And pictures.

Or something like that.


feeling better?


Tonight your time, or tonight my time?

Think about it, D. Have you ever known me to be up when it is night time, your time?

Don't forget to include video!? Feel better sweetie :)


I am feeling better. Hormones back to normal. I have put the machete away and replaced it with a carving knife. It's all about subtlety.

Soon as the full moon comes around we're all dead though.

Night time my time is still only like mid afternoon your time Chele... so yeah, you're almost always awake.

Any psycho can kill/maim/threaten with a carving knife. A true psycho can make a jar lid a murder weapon. Now that is subtle.

Forget the jar lid. I just used a rubber band. It worked.

I stand corrected, D. But I am always at work when it's your evening and I don't have online access...unless like now, when I've killed my boss with a rubber band and taken over his computer.

what's the deal with tomorrow?

Okay, student of the crazed psycho arts, you may have mastered the rubber band, but now...you must kill a man using nothing but a tic-tac and a gum wrapper. And you can't shove it in any orfice, no matter how tempting.

Progress, therefore, is not an accident, but a necessity... it is part of nature. by paradise poker