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let's go to the videotape..

let's go to the videotape..

Had one of those nights last night where I was trying to get out of the dream but couldn't. To make matters more confusing and tiring, there was a movie within the dream. I could walk in and out of the movie as if it were part of my real life. Towards the end of the dream, I found this escape mechanism that, if I climbed it high enough, would allow me to get out of wherever I was (at this point I wasn't sure if I was dreaming, awake or in the movie), but when I climbed up and got to the end, there was this huge man in a wifebeater standing there, telling me to get off of his property. Woke up totally tired and confused.

kdbday (37k image)Happy Birthday KD!

So today is the day they are supposed to release the bin Laden tape. I'm not sure this is a good idea. What purpose can it serve, really. We all know he is guilty already. Hearing him speak his words of anger and hatred, seeing him act joyfully to the news of our tragedy, and all the while he is praising Allah, I just feel that this is only going to add fire to the fuel of ethnicism in this country. The video will appeal to the lowest common denominator, who will then use bin's words as a weapon in their war against all Muslims. On the other hand, it will do just what Bush probably intends it to do: get the rage and anger that sparks patriotism going again. Every time the rah-rah feeling in the country starts to wane, the White House will come up with some way to get everyone to that boiling point again. Airing this tape is just another tactic in Bush's propaganda parade.

I'm running late as usual. Please remember to go over to Shel's "think small act big" project and give a few pennies. And be a doll and link to it or blog about it, ok? Charity begins at home, folks.

I'll make up for lack of an interesting morning blog later on. Right now I need an IV drip of coffee and a dose of something really loud to get me going. Enjoy your hump day.

Hey, get off of my leg!


I really like your comments and agree fully with white house fanning the fire of patriotism.

Also like the web site.

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