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think small, act big

think small, act big

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This what Shel is doing for his blogaversary. Please check it out, it's a wonderful way to get in the holiday spirit of giving. As Shel points out, a lot of smaller charities are suffering because so many people have directed their charitable efforts towards WTC relief funds. Don't forget the little guys. Clean out your change jar and your pockets and give a little bit. Blog about it on your site, and give some press to local charities. Shel will list charities by location on his site.

[I donated $20 to Variety Child Learning Center, the special education/early intervention school that my daughter attended many years ago, and also to Long Island Association for Aids Care ,who also gets 20 dollars automatic donation per paycheck from me.]

Think small, act big. Please help this to catch on. I want to see this on your blogs!


thank you sweetie

Thatís a great idea.

what a great idea. I'm feeling it at the center -- we've lost funding because the state needed to redistribute funding from the dept. of health to the cops & other depts. of protection -- mostly at Logan and in the city of Boston. Writing grants doesn't seem to help -- all the money's going to NY. All Dept. of Health programs in Mass have been hit -- rape crisis, AIDS programs, mental health, pregnancy prevention (which is what I fall under) -- everything's hurt, programs are being forced to scale back or shut down.

I feel like I should donate, but I do already at the center. I buy so much on my own because we have no money. It kills me that the programs that need the most help, that do the most for the community's well-bring, are the ones that get cut first.

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