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i don't need your stinkin cookies

i don't need your stinkin cookies

I get to work only to discover that the banshee who designated today as cookie-exchange day is out sick. She sent an email saying, rather curtly, that lunch is re-scheduled for tomorrow and we should all be there with our cookies and could we please keep them on the fresh side? I sent her an email telling her that, unlike her, I have a life that involves plans from day to day, and I would not be available for lunch tomorrow. As a matter of fact, I am not available the rest of the week. They had that one small window of opportunity to be blessed with my presence at their insipid little lunch, and cookie lady blew it. I also mentioned to this person, who has been known to heavily abuse her sick time, that after the trouble I went through to make the damn cookies, she best be really, seriously sick or I wil personally take each and every one of my cookies and shove them down her throat. Without milk.

By 9am I had been at work an hour and decided I had enough. Overwhelmed by cramps, back pain and general crankiness, I was making for a very unfriendly work environment. My boss told me to go home before he started throwing Midol at me. I complied. I came home, put my jammies back on, crawled into bed, only to be interuppted by a phone call from my father saying he was bringing over the couch that we are taking from him today. So now I sit here, staring at the mess of Christmas tree parts and decorations lining my living room floor, laundry stacked up to the ceiling and no desire to fix up any of it before my dad gets here with the couch. Did I mention we are having company for dinner tonight?

And how is your day going? Anyone want to trade places?


I think you guys should have just had the cookie exchange without her. I'm sorry....but baking cookies two days in a row really seems extreme.

Oh, like HELL would I bake cookies two days in a row. She's getting stale cookies.

I am so sorry! You need a hug. hugs I hope you feel better soon.

Sounds shitty, but I may trade ya -

How about this?

Find out how to link to specific PowerPoint slides on the web (you can't),

start tracking down about 5000 pages of patent literature (including 30 year old ads, book chapters, pamplets, press releases, and internal memos), build a database of 20000 records from scratch using two incompatible systems, work on negotion tactics so the company doesn't lose about $60 million, give a summary of US antitrust law, find out which offshore haven the other party has moved its account to (and how much is in them), dig up some French patents - and some Japanese ones (numbered oh-so-conviently according to who was the emporer at the time of issue - seriously!) And it is only Tuesday . . .

I hate those organizing bitches as much as you do.........the perfect organizer! Perfect, my ass!

Well, the world's slowest and yet most incompetent editor is supplying me with stories for the largest paper of the year. I've missed deadline by 45 minutes or so [this is very very bad], and I just overheard her saying, "Well, I just got 8 more pages I didn't know about."

The therapist I went to see thinks I need to kick some ass and make demands I'm not sure I'm prepared to make.

And the new dog has pooped on the rug two nights in a row and we can't figure out why. Last night, I stepped in it in my bare feet. Am I warm? ;)

OK GO!!!

OK GO!!!

OK GO!!!

OK GO!!!

OK GO!!!



alrighty, dipshit. You just got yourself banned.

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