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question of the day

hot fudge lettuce

In my dream last night, I was eating an ice cream sundae. When I got to the bottom of the bowl, I was expecting to find bananas. Instead, I found lettuce, tomato and chives. How disgusting.

What's the most disgusting food combination you have ever tried? (disgutsting being totally subjective, of course)


Cold banana and sausage pizza while in California staying with a friend who had no problem with last night's dinner becoming breakfast.

Oh not the topping, it was cold! Thats what made it disgusting.

peanut butter & pickle sandwiches

For some reason, people always wrinkled their nose when I had ketchup on rice. I don't get it??!!!

Not disgusting to me, but I love a really good Brie, eaten with Polskie Ogorki pickles and fresh french bread. Take one bite of each element to make a mouthful, experience the inexpressable as you chew.

Blood sausage fried with... uh, onions, maybe? Eaten thinking it is lentils, only to be corrected halfway during the plate: it's the second half that was disgusting.

When I was little, my aunt used to make an appetezier that consisted of pickles, salami, green olives and creem cheese all rolled together. Sounds disgusting, but it was delicious.

I have an aunt who puts ketchup on everything, including (what was a last straw for me) fettucini alfredo. shudder

alfredo? ok. that's definitely gross ;)

I put tomato ketchup on my ice cream.


I put tomato ketchup on my ice cream once.

I take the cake!

i hate being plagued by dreams. don't you?

i can't think of any food combinations, but i bartended for years and here are 2 drinks that made me swoon:

rhine wine & diet coke, no ice

cutty sark and diet dr. pepper

the second guy got yelled at.

Orange circus peanuts dipped in cherry Robitussin. Mmmmm!

Kevin, was that on purpose?

ok, i used to eat these all the time: banana flavored Koogle peanut butter with strawberry jam on a half of a dill pickle. it was good! i wish they still had banana flavored Koogle.

Actually I saw it on MST3K a few years ago. I think it was the "Homemade Epicac" segment. I happened to have these two items within arms reach and tried it. It worked. Ackkkk!!!

Ew...when I was 10 or 11 I really hated cantaloupe. My parents said, "eat your cantaloupe young lady!" I said, "I'll only eat it if I can eat it with MUSTARD!" They said, "okay, go for it." So I dipped a slice of cantaloupe in mustard and ate the whole thing that way.

kids are sure dumb.

Jack Daniels and lemonade.

how about hubby's favourite...

feta cheese and watermelon!

He says its a greek favourite...i say he is having me on!

Worse than brushing your teeth and then drinking Orange Juice is having an apple followed by a Pep-O-Mint Lifesaver. Youíll swear you threw up moments before. Itís horrid.

care asada and deep fried zucchini with ranch. i was nine months pregnant at the time and the combo didn't uh....sit well with me for long. not something i'll try again!

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