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monday, monday

monday, monday

It would be ok if this was just Monday. I could handle that. But this isn't any Monday, no. This is the start of the week that begins my descent into madness.

Panic is setting in. Christmas is 15 days away. I have not wrapped a single thing. I have started to compare piles of presents for the kids and Natalie is coming up shorter, yet I spent more money on DJ. Must even out. I didn't yet find Justin the guitar he wants, I still have no clue what to get my father and I have a package that needs to be shipped off to England but is still incomplete. I have to make 5 dozen cookies tonight, the tree isn't up yet (even though boxes of decorations are scattered throughout the living room) and time - not to mention money - are running out. Douglas Adams once said "Don't Panic!" and I used to try to live by those words, but I do believe that panicking is just in my nature.

It seems so absurd to get this crazy for one day. Hell, it's really only one hour by the time you get down to it. Presents are torn open, carefully wrapped boxes are now garbage or fireplace food, there are a few shouts of approval, some smiles, a few flashes go off and an hour later, all you are left with is bills and pictures. I do believe my inner grinch is settling in about a week early this year.

At least it's cold out and it feels a bit more like Christmas than it did last week, when it was practically balmy out. And my neighborhood really does look beautiful at night. I am proud to say that, at least on my block, everyone followed my guidelines and stayed minimal and tasteful with their decorations. One night this week we will take our annual drive around town with the kids to look at all the lights, and I will be taking pictures of the most hideous decorations for your viewing pleasure.

Enjoy your Monday - to the best of your ability anyhow. Usually enjoying Mondays for me involves lots of coffee, heaps of surliness and ignoring everyone within ten feet of me. Like most other days, I guess.

Happy Chanukah!


Don't forget your towel, you hoopy frood. :-)

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