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guest blogger

guest blogger

david (36k image)

Hi. My name is David. I am one. Aunt Michele is watching me tonight, so she can't really sit at the computer. I am having a lot of fun here. So far, I have found all the electric outlets in the house, restarted the computer and pushed all the buttons on the tv. Uncle Justin says funny words when I do that.

I also had a lot of fun pulling books off the shelf. This is why Aunt Michele tried to tell Emily's dad that he shouldn't be in any rush for her to walk. Us babies have a code of conduct that states that we must destroy everything that has any value once we start walking. That Emily sure is cute by the way. Can I have her number?

My aunt and uncle are fun. We just danced to Rammstein and Front Line Assembly. Now Uncle Justin is going to make me watch Ninja Scroll now. He thinks I don't know that I am watching boobs and stuff, but he doesn't know that my dad already taught me all that.


what a cutie pie!

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