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free food and the people who run after it

free food and the people who run after it

I just witnessed the most disgusting display of human behavior ever.

Two weeks ago, a very beloved Judge that worked in this court died after a long battle with skin cancer. Today, his widow brought in breakfast for the court to thank everyone for their support and comfort in both the judge's time of need and hers. It was a very nice, sweet gesture on her part. She supplied platters of bagels and pastries and coffee, but did not stick around to talk to everyone that came, because it was too overwhelming for her. I am so glad she didn't stay because I would not have wanted her to see the absolute callousness and rudeness of some of my co-workers.

This court is a big place. There are a lot of employees here and you can go almost a year without ever running into someone who works in the same building with you. Most of the people who work in the back offices and downstairs will never see a judge in their entire career as a court employee.

So I went down to the lounge, got a bagel and coffee and brought them back to my desk so I can get some work done. My desk faces one of the main employee hallways, so I can see everyone coming and going all day. Today, they came in droves. Mention the words "free food" and suddenly people you haven't seen since the last holiday party are running down your hallway as if they were giving away hundred dollar bills. I swear to you, they were positively giddy with excitement.

"Free breakfast?? FREE BREAKFAST?? WHERE??"

"In the lounge, hurry before it's gone!"

Stampede ensues.

"Who is the breakfast for?"

"That judge who died. His wife brought it in."

"Kick ass, I'm starving."

The come back past my door 5 minutes later with their plates piled high.

"I have enough here for lunch, too."

"Yea I took a bunch of pastries to bring home."

"What his name again?"

"The judge who died?"


"Umm, don't remember. We'll have to ask someone."

I am so disgusted and appalled at their behavior. I won't even say something to them because I am so angry I won't be able to express myself without resorting to "you fat fucking wide ass piece of shit" type retorts.

These are the same people who, at the holiday party next week, will be stuffing appetizers and desserts into their bags to bring home for their family.

People make me sick.


I think you said everything that could be said about these insensitive fuckwads. Too bad Horatio Sanz wasn't around to give those pastries the "Road Trip" treatment before they schleped them home.

Fucking freaks.

I love free food as much as the next person, but years of reading Dear Abby have informed me that it is rude to stockpile the free food to "take home". And also rude to partake of the food if you weren't close or couldn't even name the benefactor, seeing as how it was intended for the folks who really supported the Judge's family.

You have described my workplace perfectly. On Friday's we have "Tech Treats from Intel" where Intel brings in bags of snacks, candy, chips, etc. The sad mass of human flesh that attack each other in order to get their daily sugar coma frightens and fascinates me. It's a study in human behavior.

I have to agree with Pixel.. taking food home is a big faux pas as it is, nevermind the death of a Judge, for crying out loud! Jesus. I'm sorry, Michele.

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