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friday follies

friday follies

Somebody overslept today. Somebody couldn't get out of bed this morning. Somebody is going to have to sneak into a room with internet access at work today because god forbid she go a day without blogging. Somebody is going to be really late for work.

Wait. Stop the presses. I have time for two things:

Leslie's Advent calendar is beatiful, charming and delightful. Each day has something special; a recipe, a memory, a poem...you will keep coming back every day for a new surprise.

The December issue of Small Spiral Notebook is up. Please read it. It has poetry, fiction, non-fiction and art. It's all so wonderful it leaves you counting the days until the January issue (to which I may submit a piece or two).


close that "bold" tag darling

thank you, anonymous editor!

Advent calendars just remind me I haven't bought any Christmas presents other than stuff I posted the other day to NY.


thanks so much for the kind words!

Here's the address to another Advent Calendar -- the graphics are lovely:


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My band career ended late in my senior year when John Cooper and I
threw my amplifier out the dormitory window. We did not act in haste.
First we checked to make sure the amplifier would fit through the
frame, using the belt from my bathrobe to measure, then we picked up
the amplifier and backed up to my bedroom door. Then we rushed
forward, shouting The WHO! The WHO! and we launched my amplifier
perfectly, as though we had been doing it all our lives, clean through
the window and down onto the sidewalk, where a small but appreciative
crowd had gathered. I would like to be able to say that this was a
symbolic act, an effort on my part to break cleanly away from one state
in my life and move on to another, but the truth is, Cooper and I
really just wanted to find out what it would sound like. It sounded
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